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Circular And Orders

Title/SubjectOrder/Circular/Memo No.Date of Issue

Memorandum regarding final Seniority List of ICFRE Employees.
(uploaded on 07-10-2021)
No.-1/386/2016-Ests-II(Seniority List)


Circular regarding FRI Dehradun reopen for visitors with Covid protocol
(uploaded on 27-08-2021)

Circular regarding Hindi Pakhwada - 2021
(uploaded on 24-08-2021)

The Holiday on account of Muharram will be observed on Friday, 20th August, 2021
(uploaded on 18-08-2021)

Circular for Waiting List for allotment of Govt. Residence of Forest Research Institute Estate, New Forest Dehradun for the year 2021 (from august to december)
(uploaded on 12-08-2021)

Circular for Preparation of Waiting List for allotment of Govt. Residence of Forest Research Institute Estate, New Forest Dehradun for the year 2021 (from august to december)
(uploaded on 04-08-2021)

It is informed that the following decisions have been taken by the committee as per the decision of the meeting convened on the date 23-07-2021
(uploaded on 23-07-2021)
राजभाषा हिंदी के क्रियान्वयन सम्बन्धी आदेश (uploaded on 23-07-2021)
No.-14011/4/2021-H. Part- IV22.07.2021
Minutes of the House Allotment Committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 16.07.2021 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI official
(uploaded on 22-07-2021)
Tender for Campus Manning/ Security Services, Outdoor Mechanized Cleaning & House keeping, up-keeping and other services at FRI and ICFRE (HQ), Dehradun awarded to M/s King Security Guard Services pvt ltd for one year
(uploaded on 15-06-2021)
No.-03/94/2021- Establishment-0303.06.2021
Price List of Seeds
(uploaded on 10-05-2021)

Circular for Telephonic/ Online consultation at The New Forest Hospital for all beneficiaries of FRI, ICFRE, IGNFA, and CASFoS.

(uploaded on 30-04-2021)
No.- FRI/DDN/8-6/2019/NFH (Covid-19)29.04.2021

Minutes of the House Allotment Committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 17.03.2021 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI official

(uploaded on 31-03-2021)

Circular for installation of new EPABX system by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Dehradun, in place of the EPABX system present at the Telephone Center, Forest Research Institute.

(uploaded on 19-03-2021)
No.- 2-2/2020/Rental EPABX-Tel.Exch.19.03.2021

Circular for final Waiting List for allotment of Govt. Residence at FRI Estate for the year 2021

(uploaded on 22-01-2021)
No.- 4-37/2021-Bldg.19.01.2021

Circular for Waiting List for allotment of Govt. Residence at FRI Estate for the year 2021

(uploaded on 30-12-2020)
No.- 4-37/2021-Bldg.23.12.2020

Circular for Preparation of Waiting List for allotment of Govt. Residence of Forest Research Institute Estate, New Forest Dehradun for the year 2021

(uploaded on 08-12-2020)
No.- 4-37/2021-Bldg.02.12.2020

Minutes of the House Allotment Committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 07.10.2020 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI official

(uploaded on 19-10-2020)
Revised rate list of plants for sale
(uploaded on 25-09-2020)
Circular for files pertaining to financial matters related to plan projects and other than projects
(uploaded on 25-09-2020)
Circular for Complaint Management System
(uploaded on 25-09-2020)
Empanelment of CGHS approved/ empanelled Private Healh Care Organizations (HCOs) at New Delhi with Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE) for providing medical treatment facilities and diagnostic procedures to the ICFRE beneficiaries.
(uploaded on 27-05-2020)
Consequent upon the appointment of Shri Raj Kishore to the post of Scientist-B at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun
(uploaded on 06-03-2020)
Circular for Final Waiting List for allotment of Govt. Residences at FRI Estate.
(uploaded on 06-02-2019)
Circular for reservation of rooms in the rest house (officer rest house and scientist hostel) of Forest Research Institute for all officers and employees of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education.
(uploaded on 18-11-2019)
18% GST rate on following facilities / services in Forest Research Institute, Dehradun
(uploaded on 27-09-2019)
Shri Rajesh Bhandari, Scientist-F, will Hold the additional charge of Purchase Officer
(uploaded on 27-09-2019)
No. 11/568/1997-Estt.-I24.09.2019
Retirement of Dr. Meena Bakshi, Sci- E
(uploaded on 19-09-2019)
No. 48-2/2016-ICFRE06.09.2019
Consequent upon the promotion and posting
(uploaded on 30-08-2019)
Order No. 32014/13/2016/Ests-I27.08.2019
Guidelines for settlement of claims for compensation on accidents applicable to the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education and its Institutes/Centres under its control
(uploaded on 28-08-2019)
Order No.48-1/2019-ICFRE14.08.2019
Dr. Ajay Thakur, Scientist -F, will hold the position of Head, Genetics and Tree Improvement Division, FRI Dehradun.
(uploaded on 14-08-2019)
Order No.46011/27/2018/Ests-I09.08.2019
Minutes of the House allotment committee (HAC) meeting held on 19.07.2019 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI Official
(uploaded on 01-08-2019)
Order No.4-39/2019-Bldg.19.07.2019
Superannuation / Retirement of Sh. Salil Dhawan, Sh. Arunesh Kumar, Sh. Rajesh Kumar Bhandari
(uploaded on 26-07-2019)
Order No.48-2/2016-ICFRE17.07.2019
Appointment of various post at FRI
(uploaded on 26-07-2019)
Circulation rules for NFLIC
(uploaded on 05-07-2019)
Price list of Seeds
(uploaded on 31-05-2019)
Tranfer of Dr. Mala Rathore, Sci-E from AFRI, Jodhpur to FRI, Dehradun
(uploaded on 17-05-2019)
F. No. 16/928/2019/Ests-I16.052019
Retirement of 03 officers of FRI
(uploaded on 16-05-2019)
Circular Secretary ICFRE according to the notification, the name of Forestry Research and Human Resource Development Center has been changed according to the rules No. 34-12/2018-ICFRE dated - 16.04.2018
Hindi name: वन अनुसंधान केन्द्र-कौशल विकास
English Name: Forest Research Center-Skill Development

(uploaded on 22-03-2019)
Order for Dr. Harish Kumar will be the Head, IT & GIS Discipline, Facilities & Services Division
(uploaded on 18-03-2019)
Waiting list for allotment of Govt. Residences at Forest Research Institute Estate, New Forest, Dehradun for the year 2019
(uploaded on 26-02-2019)
Revised threshold values for submission of Quarterly Progress Report-QPR.
(uploaded on 25-02-2019)
Regarding the annual real estate return of Group 'C' (including former 'D' employees) of Indian Forestry Research and Education Council and Forest Research Institute, Dehradun
(uploaded on 24-01-2019)
No. 29011/1/2019-Vigilance24.01.2019
Statement of Annual immovable Property for year 2018 (as on 01.01.2019)
(uploaded on 16-01-2019)

Minutes of the House Allotment Committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 18.12.2018 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI official

(uploaded on 02-01-2019)

Minutes of the House Allotment Committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 25.10.2018 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI official

(uploaded on 04-12-2018)
No. -5.11.2018

Price list of Seeds.

(uploaded on 04-12-2018)
No. --

Vigilance Awareness Week organised in FRI, Dehradun

(uploaded on 22-10-2018)
No.- 31011/1/2018-Vigilance17.10.2018

Filling up of posts of Technician level-3 (Field/Lab Research) through Limited Departmental Examination.

(uploaded on 12-10-2018)
No.- A.32016/1-34/2017-Ests-II10.10.2018

Minutes of the House Allotment Committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 10.09.2018 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI officials.

(uploaded on 24-09-2018)
No. - -

Restructuring of new division "Facilities & Services" in FRI.

(uploaded on 31-08-2018)
No. 46011/27/2018/Estt.-127.08.2018

Declaration for awarding Doctorate Degree in Forestry.

(uploaded on 21-08-2018)
No. 1412/7-9/2016-FRIDU08.08.2018

With regards to Celebrating 72nd Independence Day.

(uploaded on 14-08-2018)
No. 9-12/2005/Publicity08.08.2018

To obtain "NOC" from Purchase Section.

(uploaded on 13-08-2018)
No. 343/2018-19/Purchase26.07.2018

Contract expansion for six months of King Security Guards Services Pvt. Ltd. with FRI / ICFRE (Headquarters), Dehradun.

(uploaded on 13-08-2018)
No. 03/94/2015-Ests-III02.08.2018

Handing over charge / Taking over charge reg.

(uploaded on 13-08-2018)
No. 46011/27/2008/Estt.-I30.07.2018

Avoiding plastic use for environmental protection reg.

(uploaded on 13-08-2018)
No. 346 IV-4/DE/ED/201731.07.2018

Circular for Reimbursement of Child Education Allowance.

(uploaded on 03-08-2018)
No. 3-2(14)/2018-A/s-III/Pay Section19.07.2018

Minutes of the House Allotment Committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 11.07.2018 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI officials.

(uploaded on 03-08-2018)

Order regarding the reorganisation of divisions.

(uploaded on 03-08-2018)
No. 4-31/2008-Bldg.17.07.2018

Order for the additional charge of the Field Research Station, Khirshu, Pauri Garhwal.

(uploaded on 03-08-2018)
No. 6-17 (Part A) DGTP/2018/47720.07.2018

Guidelines to be followed for holding of Conference/Workshop/Seminars etc. (Domestic & International)-reg.

(uploaded on 18-07-2018)
No. 48-3/2017-ICFRE05.07.2018

Constitution of the Forestry Expert Forum for developing synergy among researchers.

(uploaded on 18-07-2018)
No. 21-2/2018-ICFRE(RB)10021.05.2018

One day training workshop on “Hindi Rajbhasha Adhiniyam and Filling of Quarterly Hindi Progress Report”

(uploaded on 17-07-2018)

Regarding the new amount of fellowship

(uploaded on 13-07-2018)
No. 5-2/2018 R.C.S.29.06.2018
Order of transfer of Smt. Neelu Singh, Scientist-F, from TFRI to FRI Dehradun
(uploaded on 21-06-2018)
Order of extend the contract period of Shri Surender Pal Singh, FRO (on contractual basis) at FRI, Dehradun.
(uploaded on 19-06-2018)
Circular for Plastic free Environment at FRI, Dehradun.
(uploaded on 19-06-2018)
No. 6-2/प.एवं.नि.अनु./2008/128 14.06.2018
Order of Shri N. Bala, Scientist - F Joining at FRI, Dehradun.
(uploaded on 19-06-2018)
Retirement Order of Shri Ram Bahadur Singh
(uploaded on 19-06-2018)
Order "The Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace Act, 2013 Internal Complaints Committee
(uploaded on 19-06-2018)
Order of Joining at FRI, Dehradun.
(uploaded on 13-06-2018)
Order of Re-joining at FRI, Dehradun.
(uploaded on 13-06-2018)
Circular regarding International Yoga Day, 2018.
(uploaded on 13-06-2018)
Circular for International Yoga Day, 2018 celebration from secretary, ICFRE.
(uploaded on 13-06-2018)
फा0 स0 36-1/विविध/2018-भा.वा.आ.शि.प.08.06.2018
Circular regarding Celebration of International Yoga Day on 21 June,2018.
(uploaded on 13-06-2018)
No.13/2017/ADG (M&Extn)/ICFRE/Misc.06.06.2018
Circular for Scientific rules 2018 DG ICFRE
(uploaded on 12-06-2018)
F.No. 52-6/2016-ICFRE (Vol.II)31.05.2018
Circular for Reliving of Dr. Rakesh Kumar Chemistry Division
(uploaded on 12-06-2018)
Circular for Bio Matric Attendance
(uploaded on 12-06-2018)
Circular for Rajbhasha
(uploaded on 12-06-2018)
सं.14011/2/2013-हि. 8.06.2018
Circular for Yoga Day 21.06.2018
(uploaded on 12-06-2018)
Circular for Yoga Practice reminder
(uploaded on 12-06-2018)
संख्या 20-9/2017-विविध (Misc.)8.06.2018
Circular for Yoga Practice
(uploaded on 08-06-2018)
No. 20-9/2017-Misc.08.06.2018
Order of Transfer
(uploaded on 06-06-2018)
Order of Transfer
(uploaded on 06-06-2018)
Celebration of World Environment Day on 5th June, 2018 reg.
(uploaded on 31-05-2018)
Circular related to infection with Nipah Virus
(uploaded on 28-05-2018)
Regarding uploading circular order etc. on website
(uploaded on 28-05-2018)
Regarding change of name
(uploaded on 28-05-2018)
Approved Charges for FRI for Seed testing services for different Users
(uploaded on 25-05-2018)
No.3-1 / 2017-ICFRE/Admin/Budget/Pt. file

Circular regarding If any officer / employee has been given rent to any part of the allotted government house,
In relation to the evacuation of tenants within 24 hours

(uploaded on 22-05-2018)
No.20-53 / 2012-Building16.05.2018
G.F.R. Regarding implementation of format 22 and 23
(uploaded on 22-05-2018)
No.Dis / 2018-19 / store / format15.05.2018
In relation to the decisions taken in the meeting held on 25.04.2018 of the Official Language Implementation Committee of Forest Research Institute, Dehradun
(uploaded on 22-05-2018)
Consequent upon the transfer of Dr. V.P. Pandey, ACTO, from CSFER Allahabad to FRI Dehradun vide this Office Order No.16/814/2015-Ests-I dated 13 April, 2018
(uploaded on 22-05-2018)
Circular regarding Extension & education activities on par with Research for assessment under FCS & Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme-Report of all S&T contributions
(uploaded on 21-05-2018)
No. A-32018/63/2017/Ests-I21.05.2018
Upon completion of retirement age, Shri Gajendra Singh Bisht, Private Secretary, Forest Research Institute has retired from service of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education on 30.04.2018
(uploaded on 14-05-2018)
Election for a Representative of ICFRE employees
(uploaded on 11-05-2018)
No.1-04/2009 (A)-Misc.,02.05.2018
Increase in residency period on grounds of leave on medical grounds-reg
(uploaded on 11-05-2018)
No.52-6/2014-ICFRE (FCS)02.05.2018
Retirement of Shri G. S. Bisht, P.S. Director FRI w.e.f. 30.04.2018 (A/N) and Shri Manohar Lal, Technical Officer will hold the additional charge to the post of P.S. to the Director, FRI, in addition to his own duties and without any extra remuneration till further orders
(uploaded on 07-05-2018)
Relieving order Shri Manoj Kumar Scientist-B, Forest Informatics Division, FRI
(uploaded on 04-05-2018)
Selection to the post of Joint Director in Jharkhand Biodiversity Board, Ranchi on deputation for period of 3 years w.e.f. 25.04.2018 (A/N) Shri Manoj Kumar
(uploaded on 04-05-2018)
Restructuring of Centers and Divisions of ICFRE Institutes vide the Secretary ICFRE Notification No. 34-42/2018-ICFRE dated 16 April 2018
(uploaded on 03-05-2018)
No. 46011/27/2018/Estt.-I01.05.2018
Information on recommendation of National and International seminars/Conferences reg.
(uploaded on 27-04-2018)
APAR in respect of Technical staff (Cat-I & Cat-II) for the year 2017-2018
(uploaded on 25-04-2018)

Order reg. joining Sh. Praveen Oniyal as Research Officer Gd-II at FRI

(uploaded on 04-04-2018)
Filling up of Posts of Technician Level-2 & Level-3 through limited departmental examination
(uploaded on 26-03-2018)

Annual Working Plan of Scientists working in ICFRE and its Institutes

(uploaded on 19-03-2018)
No.23-23/2017-18/ICFRE (RB)/4119.03.2018

Annual Rate Contract for Printing & Binding for the year 2018-19

(uploaded on 16-03-2018)

Circular for EPF Contractual Worker

(uploaded on 14-03-2018)

Fire Rescue circular in Forest Research Institute.

(uploaded on 20-03-2018)
No. 0-51/92/Range/Silva./33516.03.2018

Minutes of the house allotment committee (HAC) of FRI held on 13.03.2018 for allotment/change of Govt. Quarters to ICFRE/FRI Officials.

(uploaded on 20-03-2018)
No. -16.03.2018

Preparation of Annual Confidential Reports for the year ending 31.03.2018

(uploaded on 20-03-2018)
No. 2/9/Admin. (2017-2018)13.03.2018

Preparation of Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) in respect of Technical staff (Cat-I & Cat-II) for the year 2017-2018

(uploaded on 20-03-2018)
No. APAR/Tech./DPC-201813.03.2018

Preparation of PARs/APARs/ACRs for the year ending 31.03.2018- regarding.

(uploaded on 20-03-2018)
No. 40-3/2016-2017-ICFRE (R&F)08.03.2018

Minutes of the meeting held on 11.01.2018 with representatives of all Service Associations of ICFRE(Hqrs.)/ FRI Dehradun.

(uploaded on 20-03-2018)
No. 7-9/2017/Association/ICFRE(PC)23.02.2018

Completion of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports/Annual Work Report (APAR/AWR) in respect of Scientists for the period 2017-2018-regarding.

(uploaded on 20-03-2018)
No. 23-23/2017-2018/ICFRE (RB)/3022.02.2018

Notice regarding Annual sports festival of FRI Deemed to be University.

(uploaded on 06-03-2018)
No. 4086/3-15/2018-F.R.I.D.U.

No. 4079/3-15/2018-F.R.I.D.U.


Order related to administrative work of the hospital of Forest Research Institute

(uploaded on 06-03-2018)
No. 12016/215/2017/
Establishment -First


Circular regarding entry fees for campus of Forest Research Institute

(uploaded on 06-03-2018)
No. 6-36/2000-miscellaneous26.02.2018

Information about inviting articles / compositions for publication of issue of 6th edition of Hindi magazine Doon-vani

(uploaded on 28-02-2018)
No. 14012/3/890-हि. (वं. स.)22.02.2018

Information related to scientists having retirement
(uploaded on 26-02-2018)
No. 48-2/2016-I.C.F.R.E.19.02.2018

Circular regarding keeping the campus of Forest Research Institute clean
(uploaded on 26-02-2018)
No. 2-56/2017/ head/civil12.02.2018

Completion of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APAR) in respect of Technical Employees under category- III as per ICFRE Technical service rules-2013 for the year 2017-2018- regarding
(uploaded on 16-02-2018)
No. 24-4/TS/2017-2018-ICFRE(RB)/0822.01.2018

Completion of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports in respect of Scientific & Technical Staff of ICFRE- Instructions for writing of ACRs by a relative of a member of the services- regarding
(uploaded on 16-02-2018)
No. 24-4/TS/2017-2018-ICFRE(RB)/1025.01.2018

Regarding the retirement of employees / officers
(uploaded on 16-02-2018)
No. 48-2/2016-ICFRE07.02.2018

Notification regarding Recruitment Rules
(uploaded on 13-02-2018)
No. 52-6/2016-ICFRE(Vol.II)24.01.2018

Responsibilities and Duties Appointed for the Neeranchal National Watershed Management Project
(uploaded on 12-02-2018)
No. 4-90/Neeranchal Project/ECC&FI/201829.01.2018

Circular regarding Proforma of new Telephone Directory 2018-19 of ICFRE/FRI Offices
(uploaded on 09-02-2018)
No. 4-33/Misc./2018/AS (G)/54902.02.2018

Circular for Government House Allotment
(uploaded on 09-02-2018)
No. 4-39/2017-Bldg.31.01.2018

Waiting list for allotment of Govt. Residences at Forest Research Institute Estate, New Forest,
Dehradun for the year 2018
(uploaded on 09-02-2018)
No. 4-37/2018-Bldg.25.01.2018

Alertness circular from leopard in the Institute
(uploaded on 08-02-2018)
No. डिस -1/ प. व नि. अनु./2007/4308.02.2018

List of Gazetted and Alternative Vacations Announced during the year 2018 in Central Government Offices .
(uploaded on 29-01-2018)
No. 4-1/2010-Misc.22.01.2018

In the context of a two-minute silence on January 30, 2018, in remembrance of the martyrs who gave their lives in the freedom struggle of India .
(uploaded on 29-01-2018)
No. 8-26/2006-Misc.24.01.2018

Circular regarding Republic Day celebration.
(uploaded on 24-01-2018)
No. 9-4/2005/Publicity19.01.2018

Duties and Responsibilities of Personnel of Technical Services of ICFRE.
(uploaded on 24-01-2018)
No. 63-19/2017-ICFRE(Representative)12.01.2018

Circular regarding Immovable Property Return for the year ending 2017.
(uploaded on 24-01-2018)
No. 29011/1/2018-Alertness24.01.2018

Contract expansion for six months of King Security Guards Services Pvt. Ltd. with FRI / ICFRE (Headquarters), Dehradun.
(uploaded on 23-01-2018)
No. 03/94/2015-Ests.-III17.01.2018

Circular regarding Academic Council & Board of Management resolution.
(uploaded on 15-01-2018)
No. 2870/1-9/2017-FRIU11.01.2018

Circular regarding Project Training in labs of FRI Deemed to be University.
(uploaded on 15-01-2018)
No. 2868/1-9/2017-FRIU11.01.2018

Training programme on Edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation.
(uploaded on 11-01-2018)
No. FPD/2017/8-1811.01.2018

Regarding to the Private Foreign Visit made by government officials / employees in calendar year 2017.
(uploaded on 11-01-2018)
No. 31011/2/2009-Alertness10.01.2018

General Election of the Technical Staff Association of FRI/ICFRE, Dehradun.
(uploaded on 10-01-2018)
No. 10-36/2010-Mics.(TSA)08.01.2018

Award prize for commendable work.
(uploaded on 10-01-2018)
No. 9-24/2009/Publicity05.01.2018

Information on Effective awareness through media-reg.
(uploaded on 04-01-2018)
No. V-2/DE/EAM/2017/102620.12.2017

Submission of APAR/AWR for the year 2016-2017-regarding
(uploaded on 04-01-2018)
No. 2/9/Admin(Scientific)2016-1726.12.2017

Research Projects related order of Director FRI.
(uploaded on 02-01-2018)

Information regarding New Year Celebration.
(uploaded on 29-12-2017)
No. 7-4/2005/PLO29.12.2017

Verification of the Contractual workers on daily basis regarding.
(uploaded on 29-12-2017)
No. 03/94/2007-Estt-III19.12.2017

Submission of APAR/AWR for the year 2016-17- regarding.
(uploaded on 28-12-2017)

Order for departmental promotion
(uploaded on 28-12-2017)

Transfer order of Ministerial Staff(LDC, UDC, MTS) of FRI, Dehradun
(uploaded on 22-12-2017)
No. 21-5/2005/Ests-II22.12.2017

Organizing All India Scientific and Technical Combined Hindi Seminar.
(uploaded on 22-12-2017)
No. 33023/1/08-hindi21.12.2017
Preparation of waiting list for allotement of Govt.
Residences at Forest Research Institute Estate, New Forest, Dehradun, for the year 2018.
(uploaded on 22-12-2017)
No. 4-37/2018-Bldg.18.12.2017
Appointing/Posting order of Dr. Rajiv Pandey, Scientist-E at FRI regarding. (uploaded on 22-12-2017)
No. 11/576/1998/Estt.-108.12.2017
Re-designation of posts as indicated against the names of Research Centres functioning under the Institutes of ICFRE. (uploaded on 21-12-2017)
nO. 31-17/206-ICFRE07.12.2017
During absence/leave/tour of the Director, FRI, the Head, Silviculture Division, FRI is nominated as Link Officer with immediate effect and until further orders. (uploaded on 18-12-2017)
No. 46011/27/2008/Estt.-113.12.2017
Vigilance Awareness Week organised in FRI, Dehradun (uploaded on 18-12-2017)
No. 31011/1/2017-
Order reg. Store procedure for consumable and nonconsumable items in FRI, Dehradun (uploaded on 13-12-2017)
Handing over charge / Taking over charge reg. (uploaded on 06-12-2017)
No. - 11 /669 /2013 /
Establishment - first
Reg. Police Verification of residence (outsider) residents in FRI campus in consideration of IMA PoP (Most Urgent) (uploaded on 06-12-2017)
No. - 10 - 3 /2007 - Building1.12.2017
New thrust areas for revenue generation-reg. (uploaded on 01-12-2017)
National Fellowship for ST students for the year 2017-18 (uploaded on 01-12-2017)
National Overseas Scholarship for ST students for the year 2017-18 (uploaded on 01-12-2017)
Celebration of Constitution Day 26-Nov.-2017 (uploaded on 24-11-2017)
Shri Sunil Dutt Sharma, IFS Leaving the work head of division and Mrs Aarti Chaudhary, IFS Silviculture and Forest Management Division, will take charge of the Forest Research Institute (uploaded on 24-11-2017)
Consequent upon the relieving & repatriation of Shri Anil Kumar, prematurely from the post of Hindi Officer, FRI is pleased to relieve him (uploaded on 21-11-2017)
Transfer order of Shri Raj Pal Singh (uploaded on 21-11-2017)

Minutes of the House Allotment Committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 24.10.2017 for allotment/change of govt. quarters to ICFRE/FRI officials.
(uploaded on 09-11-2017)

To provide medical facilities to the beneficiaries of ICFRE
(uploaded on 03-11-2017)
No. 6-18/2017-Miscellaneous30.10.2017

Transfer of Shri V.K. Ahuja, from Forest Products Division, FRI to office of DDG (Admin) ICFRE with immediate effect, until further orders.
(uploaded on 30-10-2017)
No. 1/8/2010/Ests.-II26.10.2017

Organizing Vigilance Awareness Week from October 30, 2017 to November 04, 2017.
(uploaded on 27-10-2017)
No. 31011/1 /2017-Awareness27.10.2017

Order for Joining
(uploaded on 27-10-2017)
No. 46011/27/2006/Establishment-I26.10.2017

Circular for celebration of "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas"
(uploaded on 27-10-2017)
No. 1-04/2014-Misc.

Organizing Vigilance Awareness Week from October 30, 2017 to November 04, 2017.
(uploaded on 26-10-2017)
No. 31011/1 /2017-Awareness
Participation in the events organized by the institute in national interest (uploaded on 17-10-2017)
No. 1-27 /2017-
Departmental Promotion-Technical Services Rules-2013 (uploaded on 17-10-2017)
No.- 12018/74/2010/Establishment-first (R.R)13.10.2017
Order for Transfer (uploaded on 13-10-2017)
No. 16/776/2012-Establishment First28.09.2017
Notification of Viva-Voce Examination (uploaded on 13-10-2017)
No. 2334/10PHD110/2017-FRIDU11.10.2017
Circular for allocation of houses (uploaded on 13-10-2017)
No. 4-39/2017-
For sudden inspection of various divisions / branches / sections (uploaded on 11-10-2017)
No. 3-9-2010-Miscellaneous06.10.2017
Revision of rates of House License Fee in respect of residential accommodation at New Forest Estate, FRI (uploaded on 11-10-2017)
No. 4-2/2009-Bldg.10.10.2017
Indian Forest Service - Sponsoring of one-week refresher training courses for the officers (uploaded on 10-10-2017)
Purchase Committee (uploaded on 10-10-2017)
Revise the rate of plants for sale (uploaded on 09-10-2017)

D.U.C Notification
(uploaded on 06-10-2017)
No. 2271/12PHD224/2017-FRIDU26.09.2017

Organizing Hindi essay competition on 10.10.2017.
(uploaded on 05-10-2017)
No. 1097/2017/N. F. A. /02(Hindi)25.09.2017

Circular regarding Annual Performance Appraisal Report/Annual Work Report for the year 2017-2018.
(uploaded on 05-10-2017)
No. 23-23/2016-17 ICFRE (RB)/18906.09.2017

Order Regarding attending National Seminars/conference/workshop etc.
(uploaded on 28-09-2017)
No. 11-55/09/Edu/DM/ICFRE/23815.09.2017
Information regarding Institute G.S.T. Number (uploaded on 28-09-2017)
No. 1-1/2017/Account Office-211.08.2017
Visit of Secretary MoEF&CC Govt. of India (uploaded on 27-09-2017)
No. PS-Secy./2016-ICFRE27.09.2017
2-October-2017 Gandhi Jayanti (uploaded on 27-09-2017)
No. 10-13/2015/Publicity27.09.2017
Appointment of Hindi Translator (uploaded on 27-09-2017)
Voluntarily Retirement (uploaded on 27-09-2017)
Hindi Weekend Closing ceremony organized in FRI, Dehradun 2017 (uploaded on 19-09-2017)
No. 14-12 / 2/2010-hi19.09.2017

Regarding the closure of the office in terms of security
(uploaded on 19-09-2017)
Number 3-2 / W and W res / 2008/17719.09.2017
Retired (uploaded on 19-09-2017)
No. 48-2 / 2016-ICFRE19.09.2017
Shri S.R. Reddy has taken over the charge of ASE Silviculture and Forest Management Division FRI (uploaded on 19-09-2017)
Voluntarily Retirement of Shri Jagdish Pal Singh, Research Officer Grd-I, Forest Product Division FRI/ICFRE (uploaded on 13-09-2017)
No. 30015/1/2006-Estt.-I12.09.2017
National Forest Martyrs Day in FRI-11-Sep-2017 (uploaded on 11-09-2017)
Availing of leave by the Scientists/Researchers from ICFRE attending seminar/meeting abroad-reg. (uploaded on 05-09-2017)
No. 11-55/17/Edu/DM/ICFRE/22528-08-2017
Celebration of 71st Independence Day in FRI, Dehradun (uploaded on 09-08-2017
Circular for Minutes of The House Allotment committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 22.06.2017 for allotment/change of Govt. Quarters to ICFRE/FRI Officials(Uplaoded on 07.07.2017)
See Details05.07.2017
Circular from Account Section regarding GST.(Uploaded on 04.07.2017)
No. Dis/2017-18/AS-II(GST)30.06.2017
"Order No.-16/Order No.-16/796/2014/Establishment-I" from registrar, Establishment-I, FRI Dehradun(Uploaded on 04.07.2017)
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