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Centre for Social Forestry & Eco-Rehabilitation (CSFER), Allahabad


Centre for Social Forestry & Eco-Rehabilitation (CSFER), Allahabad was established in October 1992 as an advanced Centre under the umbrella of ICFRE, Dehradun. Presently, it is a centre of Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun. The Centre aims to nurture and cultivate professional excellence in the field of social forestry and Eco-rehabilitation in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Mandate of Division:

  • Rehabilitation of Degraded eco-system: To conduct research to evolve suitable packages for eroded areas, stress sites, saline/alkaline soils with low moisture retentivity, degraded forests, pasture and grazing land, mined areas and other wasteland.
  • Research and demonstration in social forestry, farm forestry and   Agro forestry: To evolve appropriate technology and technological packages in social, farm and Agro forestry vis-à-vis prevailing tree crop combinations.
  • Planting Stock Improvement: Identification and development of seed production areas, production of quality planting stock and standardization of planting techniques for forest species.
  • Sustainable Forest Management/ Silviculture of forest species.
  • Policy Research: To conduct socio-economic surveys to know the constraints and expectations in forestry sector.
  • Forestry Extension :To organize the extension programs to ensure sustainable development of natural resource ecosystem.



Ongoing research projects
S. No. Name of project PI name Designation Project duration Project Members Name Funding Agency
1. Evaluation of Indigenous Tree Species for Reclamation of Salt affected Lands in agro-climatic zones of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Sh. Alok Yadav Scientist -D 2017-2020 Dr.Anita Tomar

Dr. Anubha Srivatav

2. Assessment of Suitable Species/Clones of Eucalyptus for Promotion of Agro forestry in Eastern U. P. Dr.Anubha Srivatav Scientist -B 2016-2019 Dr.Anita Tomar

Sh. Alok Yadav

3. Development of Gmelina arborea and Emblica officinalis based agroforestry models on degraded lands in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh Dr. Anubha Srivatav Scientist -B 2017-2020 ICFRE
4. Bio-remediation of Bauxite residue (red mud) a waste product generated in Alumina Industries through integrated Bio-solid Microbe combination Dr.Kumud Dubey Scientist -E 2017-2020 Dr. Anubha Srivatav MoEF & CC.
Completed Projects
1. Socio economic Impact study on mining and mining policies on Livelihoods of local population in Vindhyan Region of U.P Dr. Kumud Dubey Scientist -E Completed in 2017 Dr. Anubha Srivatav NITI Aayog
2. Development of Melia dubia based agroforestry system for different agro-climatic zones of eastern Uttar Pradesh Dr.Kumud Dubey Scientist -E Completed in April ‘2017 Dr. Anubha Srivatav UPCAR
3. Restoration of   Sand Stone Mining Area of  Vindhyan Region   through Microbial Technology Dr.Kumud Dubey Scientist -E Completed in March 2017 ICFRE
New Project initiated
1. Poplar based Agro forestry in Eastern Uttar Pradesh Dr. Anita Tomar Scientist -E 2017-2020 Dr. Anubha Srivatav U.P. Council of Science & Technology, Lucknow


Other Activities-

  • Development of suitable technological packages for afforestation of stress sites.
  • Development and demonstration of site-specific social, farm and agro forestry models to ensure enhanced and sustained productivity.
  • Standardization of nursery techniques and seed technology of some lesser known plants.
  • Development of suitable technological packages for restoration of degraded forests.
  • Research related to plantation management of priority tree species.
  • Eucalyptus, Poplar and Melia dubia based agroforestry in eastern U.P.

News and events:

Forestry based inter-school competitions , Brain storming session, Van mahotsav, World Environment Day , Biodiversity Day , Maha Kumbh Mela,  Kumbh Mela, Kisan melas, Industrial training , consultancy meeting


S. No. Name Designation Photo Tel. No Email
 1. Dr. Amit Pandey Head and Scientist G +91-9410350114
2. Dr. Kumud Dubey Scientist E   +91-9415214010
 3. Dr. Anita Tomar Scientist E +91-8052298888
 4. Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Under Secretary   +91-7376795394
 5. Dr. Alok Yadav Scientist D    +91-9411166881
 6. Dr. Anubha Srivastav Scientist B    +91-9451180868
 7. Dr. V. P. Pandey Research Officer   +91-9452537323
 8. Dr. S. D. Shukla Research Assistant +91-9454909090
 9. Sri Siyaram Section Officer    +91-9473543550
 10. Sri Harish Kumar Lower Divisional Clerk +91-8949743752


Office Contact no.:

Director , CSFER
Centre for Social Forestry and Eco-rehabilitation, Allahabad
(Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education)
3/1,Lajpat  Rai Road, New Katra, Allahabad-211002
Phone: +91-0532-2440796 (O)
Fax: 0532-2440795


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