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Groups Coordinator (Research)

Introduction :

The ICFRE has laid down the methodology for setting the research priorities for its Institutes vide its publication No. 54 (ICFRE BL – 3 of 1998 – 99), issued  in  March  1998. It  has  been  suggested  that  institute  level  workshops  should  be  organized  for  deciding  discipline  wise  research  priorities  for  each  ICFRE  Institute  with  due  consideration  to  the  state  level  priorities  and  State  Forestry  Research  Plans. The above policy document also suggests that

(i) The  necessity  of  basic, applied, adaptive  research should  be  identified  to  tackle  stake holders’  problems.

(ii) The  Scientists  of  each  discipline  may  try  to  identify  goals, objectives  and  strategies for  the respective discipline.

(iii) The  discussion  in the  institute  level  workshop  must  lead  to  identification  of  projects  to be  taken by  each  discipline and accordingly,  they  should  decide  the  research  priorities  of the  discipline.

After  the  Institute  level  workshop and  the  discipline  wise  prioritization the Scientists  will  prepare  the  project proposal and   present  before  the  RAG.The RAG shall approve the proposal as per the priorities of the Institute. The research plan may follow the format prescribed by the ICFRE. The  Institute  plan  shall  also  come  out  with  research  projects  along  with  its  general  prioritization  and  prioritization  of  these  projects  within  the  discipline. Besides, the RAG is also expected to suggest short, medium and long  term  research  plan  of  each  discipline. The  plan  must  make  a realistic  view  of  the  capability, potentiality  and  preference of  the  researchers  of the  Institute.

Group Coordinator Role & Responsibilities:

  • Information and feedback to the Director regarding research problems.
  • Monitoring and Management of R & D activities.
  • Budget allocation to Plan projects.
  • Human resource development of institute’s Group A & B officers.
  • Feedback to MR regarding performance of quality management system.
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