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  • A five-day Short Terms Training Course on “Plywood Manufacturing” was held from 30th October 2017 to 3rd November 2017 in which nine participants from various industries participated.



Forest Products Division is carved out of some of the oldest research branches at Forest Research Institute. It is the repository of basic and applied data on Wood Science and Technology in India. Sonti Kamesam developed a wood preservative “ASCU” in the 1930s at one of the laboratories of this Division. Dr. Kamesam obtained the US patent rights in 1938 and thus placed FRI on world map. The Division covers all aspects of research and testing of wood-based materials from raw materials to final products. Our research intensively focuses on Timber Mechanics, Composite Wood, Wood Seasoning, Wood Preservation, Wood Working and Wood Finishing. Overall, the Division contributes to the much needed conservation of forests by promoting judicious use of wood through good processing techniques. At present, the Division has made its initial steps into nano-technology in wood processing.

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