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Ongoing Research Projects :

S.N. Name of Scientist as PI Name of the Project Other team members Funding Agency Budget (in lakh) Duration
1. Dr. H. S. Ginwal, Scientist G Creation of Centre of Excellence on Forest Genetic Resources (Pilot Project) Dr. V. K. Varshney, Dr. Amit Pandey, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Manisha Thapliyal, Dr. Ajay Thakur, Dr. Santan Barthwal, Dr. Anup Chandra, Dr. Neelesh Yadav, Dr. Ombir Singh, Dr. M. S. Bhandari, Dr. Rama Kant, Shri R. K. Meena, Ms. Ranjana Kumari Negi, Dr. P. K. Verma, Dr. Shambhavi Yadav CAMPA-MoEF&CC 861.20 5 Years (2016-2021)
2. Dr. Ajay Thakur, Scientist E All India Coordinated Project on Genetic Improvement of Melia composita Willd. (Coordinated Project) Dr. Amit pandey, Dr. P. K. Pande

Dr. Ombir Singh

Dr. K. P. Singh

Dr. Parveen

Dr. Geeta Joshi, IWST, Banglore

Dr. A. N. Arun Kumar, IWST, Banglore

Dr. Rekha Warrier, IFGTB, Coimbtore

Dr. Kumud Dubey, FSIR, Allahabad

ICFRE 719.56 10 Years

(2012 – 2022)

Induction evaluation and development of Polyploids in Azadirachta indica (Coordinated Project) Dr. Ajay Thakur

Dr. Rama Kant

Dr. Parveen

IFFCO 92.98 3 years


Genetic improvement for productivity and insecticidal properties of Polygonatum verticillatum Linn. Dr. Sudhir Singh

Dr. Sambhavi Yadav

NMPB 53.87 3 Years


Afforestation of Melia composita Willd. In disaster affected areas of Uttarakhand NSC 38.73 2 Years

(2013 – 2015)

Genetic diversity and adaptability through morphological and molecular markers in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. ICFRE 24.86 3 Years

(2016-2019 )

Supply of genetically improved planting stock of Melia dubia Cav. to Punjab Forest Department PFD 20.00 1 Year (2017-2018 )
3. Dr. Ajay Thakur, Scientist E Commercial production of quality planting material of bamboo species Shri J.M.S. Chauhan Dr. Rama Kant, Dr. Sambhavi Yadav NBM-BTSG 63.00 3 Years (2015- 2019)
Field evaluation of recombinants emanating from F1 and F2 generations of Corymbia (Syn. Eucalyptus) hybrid C. citrodora Hook. x C. torelliana F.v. Muell for high productivity ICFRE 3 Years (2016-2019)
Cecidology and nursery establishment of Pistacia integerrima for exploring possibility of in setu leaf gall production (As component PI) Dr. Sudhir Singh (PI), Dr. Arvind Kumar Dabur India Ltd. 30.92 3 Years (2017-2020)
4. Dr. Santan Barthwal, Scientist E Evaluation of germplasm and transcriptome studies in eucalypts for water logging and salinity (Coordinated Project) Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. M. S. Bhandari, Shri R. K. Meena, Shri Neelesh Yadav, Dr. V. Shiv Kumar, IFGTB, Coimbtore ICFRE 51.96 3 Years (2017-2020)
Molecular mechanism of rhizome growth and development in Dendrocalamus strictus. Dr. H. S. Ginwal, Shri R. K. Meena, Shri Neelesh Yadav ICFRE 19.96 3Years (2017-2020)
5. Dr. Parveen
6. Shri J.M.S. Chauhan, Scientist D Development of tissue culture protocol for propagation and conservation of Ginkgo biloba L. NMPB 23.52 3 Years

(2014 – 2017)

7. Dr. M. S. Bhandari, Scientist C Genetic diversity analysis and conservation of threatened Salvadora oleoides Dr. Santan Barthwal

Dr. Rama Kant

MoEF&CC 24.10 3 Years


Study of structural dynamics and genetic improvement of Grevillea robusta A. Cunn (Silver Oak) Dr. Rama Kant ICFRE 44.14 4 Years


Clonal propagation of newly developed superior hybrids/ genotypes of eucalypts and their deployment in the field (Phage-III) Shri J.M.S. Chauhan ICFRE 18.78 5 Years


8. Dr. Rama Kant, Scientist C Selection and genetic evaluation of Ailanthus excelsa germplasm in Northern India Dr. M. S. Bhandari


ICFRE 40.00 4 Years

(2016 – 2020)



Shri R. K. Meena, Scientist C Characterization of the hill bamboo Species (Ringal) of the North-Western Himalayas for their Conservation and Genetic Improvement (Coordinated Project) Dr. Rajesh Sharma, HFRI, Shimla

Dr. M. S. Bhandari

Ms. Ranjana Kumari Negi

ICFRE 46.08 3 Years (2017-2020)
Population genetic structure of Calamus species and influence of infectious diseases in Mizoram and Tripura, North East India (As Co-I) Shri Hans Raj (PI)

ARCBR Aizawl

ICFRE 22.22 3 Years


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