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Projects Executed in last five years :

Sl. No. Title of the Project Duration Investigators (PI)
1. Bamboo genetic evaluation improvement and propagation : Phase II (Coordinated Project) 2016-2017 Dr. H. S. Ginwal
2. Population genetic analysis of Dendrocalamas hamiltonii, a commercially important bamboo species 2014 –  2016 Shri R. K. Meena
3. Screening and identification of the lower Asarone (b-Asarone) containing variety/populations of Acoruscalamus L. and its multiplication to enhance its economical and medicinal value 2007-11 Dr. H. S. Ginwal
4. Population genetic analysis and characterization of Cedrusdeodaragermplasm through DNA based markers 2008-11 Dr. H. S. Ginwal
5. Population genetic analysis of Himalayan Banj Oak (Quercusleucotrichophora) forests and its pertinence to genetic conservation 2011-2015 Dr. H. S. Ginwal
6. Bamboo genetic evaluation improvement and propagation 2014-15 Dr. H. S. Ginwal
7. Setting of large clonal nursery / coordinating planting stock improvement program in Punjab 2013 – 2017 Dr. H. S. Ginwal
9. Selection and genetic evaluation of Melia composite Willd. 2009-2012 Dr. Ashok Kumar
10. Screening and field deployment of high bio-diesel yielding Pongamia pinnata Linn. 2010-2012

Ms. Annie Bora

Dr. Ashok Kumar

11. Germplasm collection, evaluation and planting of Karanja for improved productivity and higher oil content 2008-2015 Dr. Ashok Kumar
12. Molecular characterization of high resin yielding genotypes of Pinus roxburghii 2007-2010 Dr. Santan Barthwal
13. Field evaluation of tissue culture plants of Eucalypts hybrids at seven agro-climatic sites 2008-2010 Dr. Ajay Thakur
14. Development of micro-propagation protocol for mature superior recombinants emanating from F2 generations of Eucaltypts hybrid E. citrodora Hook. × E. torelliana F.v. Muell 2010-2013 Dr. Ajay Thakur
15. Development of micro-propagation protocol for Rhododendron arboreum Smith: state tree of Uttarakhand 2010-14 Dr. Ajay Thakur
16. Interspecies hybridization between Eucalyptus pellita and E. urophylla and development of F1 hybrids 2010-14 Dr. Parveen
17. Evaluation of different genotypes of Eucalyptus 2011-2014 Dr. Parveen
18. In situ conservation of some medicinal plants of Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand 2009-2011 Shri J. M. S. Chauhan
19. Biodiversity conservation and Micro-propagation of Sea buckthorn (Hippophae) of Uttarakhand. 2011-2014 Shri J. M. S. Chauhan
20. Development of DNA-marker based technique for Cedrus deodara for wood/timber forensics 2010-2014 Dr. Santan Barthwal
21. Characterization of Pinus roxburghii for resin yield and spiral grain formation in wood using association studies using molecular markers 2011-2014 Dr. Santan Barthwal
22. Genetic evaluation and characterization of different clones for higher productivity and hybridization in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. 2008-2011 Dr. Ashok Kumar
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