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To carry out applied and basic research in the fields of forest genetics, clonal forestry and molecular biology to meet requirements of stakeholders and also impart training as well as teaching of students.

Objectives of the Division

  • To improve forest productivity using both conventional and non conventional approaches.
  • To develop breeding and production populations through provenance, progeny and clonal trials.
  • To develop knowledge base for genetic variability, reproductive biology, clonal propagation, phylogeny and genetic relationship for different forest tree species.
  • To provide technical guidance and impart training to personnel of state forest department and other stakeholders.
  • To train and guide upcoming researchers/students through training and research
  • To conserve germplasm through in-situ and ex-situ means and propagation of important species.
  • To develop infrastructure for nano-technology and execution of research work based on nano-technology.
  • To develop sequencing facility and sequence species of economic importance.
  • To synthesize transgenics and direct research toward their scientific evaluation and field deployment.
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