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Some of the recent projects

S.No. Title PI Years Brief
1 Development of treatment technology for commercially important difficult to treat species Mr. Ajmal Samani 2008-2011 Budget: Rs. 2.8 L; Spent: Rs. 2.68 L

The maximum retention was obtained with CCB followed by CCA, Borax Boric and ZiBOC.

2 Health assessment of logs and converted timbers by vibration techniques Dr. Y.M. Dubey 2008-2011 Budget: Rs. 2.24 L; Spent: Rs. 1.85 L

Ultrasound technique was shown to be a reliable tool for the quality assessment of timber.

3 Wood quality assessment of selected candidates of Eucalyptus tereticornis of Australian origin Dr. Y.M. Dubey 2008-2011 Budget: Rs. 8 L; Spent: Rs. 2.224 L

It was found that holocellulose can be used as a surrogate property for determining the lignin content.

4 Development   of    quality wood composite from lops and tops of mixed plantation species Mr. D.P. Khali 2008-2011 Budget: Rs. 2.42 L; Spent: Rs. 2.42 L
5 Development of Phenol- urea- formaldehyde (PUF) wood adhesives Mr. D.P. Khali 2008-2011 Budget: Rs. 1.94 L; Spent: Rs. 1.87 L
6 Studies on the natural resistance of imported wood against insects and decay fungi in Indian environment (IWST) Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2008-12 Budget: Rs. 3.349 L; Spent: Rs. 3.349 L

Imported timbers from various origin /country were found nondurable in exterior ground conditions and hence were recommended not to be used without treatment.

7 Fabrication and performance study of vacuum based wood dryer for fast and efficient drying of Indian timbers Mr. N. K. Upreti 2008-2012 Budget: Rs. 5.713 L; Spent: Rs. 5.361 L

A convection heating based vacuum kiln has been developed indigenously for faster drying of timbers. A patent has been filed based on this work.

8 Studies on the effect of number of coatings on Moisture Exclusion Effectiveness and gloss. Dr. Kishan Kumar 2009-2011 Budget: Rs. 7.15 L; Spent: Rs. 6.66 L

The Moisture Exclusion Effectiveness of PU showed better values than shellac and a thickness effect was observed for both finishes.

9 Studies on bending behaviour of glued laminates from finger jointed sections of commercial timbers. Dr. Kishan Kumar 2009-2012 Budget: Rs. 3.97 L; Spent: Rs. 3.93 L

The study revealed the potential of P. deltoides in making laminated short beams.

10 Studies on performance of ZiBOC treated imported wood in different agro climate conditions Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2009-2016 Budget: Rs. 6.0 L; Spent: Rs.   4.3 L

Imported timbers tested revealed nondurable nature and complete protection could be achieved through conventional and environ-safe preservatives in the field.

11 Wood bending studies using vapor-phase ammonia treatment technique on wood species suitable for hockey blades. Mr. N. K. Upreti 2010-2012 Budget: Rs. 2.03 L; Spent: Rs. 2.027 L

Species base meant for making hockey blades has been widened with ammonia based wood bending technology. A modular and portable treatment plant has also been developed under this project.

12 Investigations into the role of length to pitch ratio of finger profiles on the flexural properties of finger jointed sections. Dr. Kishan Kumar 2010-2013 Budget: Rs. 1.98 L; Spent: Rs. 1.974 L

L/P ratio is suggested to affect the flexural properties only when similar tip thicknesses are used for joining the sections

13 Studies on the effect of fire retardant chemicals on glue shear strength of plywood. Mr. Ajmal Samani 2010-2013 Budget: Rs. 2.2 L; Spent: Rs. 1.58 L

Seven fire retardant compositions were developed for the treatment of plywood and veneers that had minimum effect on glue shear strength. Plywood treated with four of these compositions passed Fire retardant and GSS test as per Indian standards.

14 Heterogeneity study ‘between and within species’ using near infrared spectroscopy and assess wood quality. Dr. Vimal Kothiyal 2010-2013 Budget: Rs. 8.21 L; Spent: Rs. 8.15 L

Identification methods were developed for plantation species like Eucalyptus, Shisham and poplar.

15 Study on performance of treated timbers (ZiBOC, CCB & CCA) and their natural durability in cooling towers Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2010-2016 Budget: Rs. 9.63 L; Spent: Rs. 7.2 L

Imported timbers tested in prototype and industrial nature cooling towers exhibited severe deterioration without treatment while they could be substantially protected with conventional and eco-friendly preservatives.

16 Study of drying stresses in wood during seasoning through non-destructive method. Mr. Shailandra Kumar 2011-2013 Budget: Rs. 0.32669 L; Spent: Rs. 0.32669 L

It was found that the timing of stress reversal during drying may be determined by monitoring the rate of change of shrinkage in the tangential direction.

17 Studies on the suitability of paper mulberry for plywood Mr. D.P. Khali 2011-2014 Budget: Rs. 4.77 L; Spent: Rs. 2.24 L

Paper mulberry was found to be suitable for general purpose plywood and combiply with poplar and eucalyptus.

18 Studies on the suitability of different combinations of veneers of plantation grown species for laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Mr. D.P. Khali 2011-2014 Budget: Rs. 4.97 L; Spent: Rs. 3.35 L

Combi LVL using poplar and Eucalyptus was successfully prepared.

19 Application of defects detection technique on standing trees. Dr. Y. M. Dubey 2011-2014 Budget: Rs. 1.88 L; Spent: Rs. 1.32 L

A modified ultrasonic technique was shown to detect hollowness in logs and trees.

20 Chemical modification of wood for durability improvements. Mr. Ajmal Samani 2011-2015 Budget: Rs. 6.66 L; Spent: Rs. 3.72 L

Citric acid (CA) modification was successful in achieving 20 to 65% gains in Anti Swelling Efficiency (volumetric) of Populus deltoides wood and 14.5% to 40.91 % gains in Pinus roxburghii wood. Samples modified with CA also showed protection against Fungus and termites.

21 Establishment of common facility cum training centre of value addition of bamboo products at FRI, Dehradun”.-Direct to consumer scheme Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2012-2013 Budget : Rs.9.05 lakhs; Spent: Rs. 9 L

A common facility center was established at FRI, where machines for basic bamboo processing were procured and housed for training and R&D for value addition of bamboo.

22 Vacuum press drying studies on Melia composita Mr. Shailendra Kumar 2012-2015 Budget: Rs. 3.35 L; Spent: Rs. 2.167 L

A schedule for drying M. composita using vacuum press drying has been developed.

23 Study of effect of Nano-clay as filler on physical and mechanical properties of Plywood Ms. Ismita Nautiyal 2012-2015 Budget: Rs. 2.5 L; Spent: Rs. 2.5 L

It was found that nano particles can improve the physical and mechanical properties of plywood.

24 Refinement in vacuum timber dryer designed by FRI and its performance Dr. N.K. Upreti 2012-2015 Budget: Rs. 1.56 L; Spent: Rs. 1.194 L

The earlier developed vacuum kiln has been refined for is better working.

25 Development of composites of lops and tops of Melia composita Mr. D.P. Khali 2012-2016 Budget: Rs. 3.97 L; Spent: Rs. 3.21 L

Particle boards and fibre boards using lop and tops of M. composita are being developed.

26 To develop Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF) from lops and tops of poplar Ms. Ismita Nautiyal 2012-2016 Budget: Rs. 7.35 L; Spent: Rs. 4.5 L

Positive results on using lops and tops of poplar in preparing MDF indicated that dependency on solid wood can be reduced.

27 Studies on working quality and finishing aspects of Melia composita Dr. Kishan Kumar 2012-2016 Budget: Rs. 9.0 L; Spent: Rs. 5.39 L

The study illustrated the superiority of lacquer and NC lacquer in restricting moisture entry into M. dubia wood substrate

28 Studies on natural durability of  plantation grown  species with

conventional/ eco-friendly preservatives  (ZiBOC)

Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2012-2017 Budget : Rs. 8.08 L; Spent: Rs. 4.4 L

Melia composita, a nondurable wood could be completely protected by environ-safe preservative in ground exterior conditions.

29 Wood durability improvement through non-conventional heat treatment (UCOST) Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2009 –  2012 Budget: Rs. 3.349 L; Spent: Rs. 3.349 L

Non conventional thermal treatments were used for durability improvement.

30 Post harvest management for value addition of wood/bamboo for livelihood support of rural population(DST) Dr. Sadhna Tripathi  2013-15 Budget: Rs. 3.5 L; Spent: Rs. 3.5 L

Post harvest fumigation technique for bamboo protection was successfully tested.

31 Setting of Pilot scale facilities for destructured bamboo boards and its trial for technology (TFDC) Mr. D. P. Khali 2013-2015 Budget: Rs. 11.4 L; Spent: Rs. 9.12 L

Board making through destructuring bamboo and other materials were demonstrated at TFDPC site. The final manual, work report along with study materials were also given to the funding agency.

32 Establishment of Common Facility Center for Bamboo Processing Training & Research (BTSG-ICFRE) Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2013-16 Budget: Rs. 50 L; Spent: Rs. 50 L

Two components – one of training and other of R& D on value addition of bamboo were completed.

33 Establishing a Common Facility Center at Hoshiarpur for Wood Industries and small scale Wood Workers in Punjab (PSAMB) Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2013-16 Budget: 31.1 L; Released Rs.7.20 Lakhs

The work is under progress, training was imparted, list of machines and specifications given.

34 To study the suitability of combi-ply form Melia composita and poplar (UCOST) Ms. Ismita Nautiyal 2013-16 Budget: Rs. 3.5 L; Spent: Rs. 3.0 L

The combination ply from these species are found to meet IS standards

35 Integration of hybrid solar thermal energy storage system in a booster reflector augmented green house type solar timber dryer (DST) Shailendra Kumar 2016-18 Rs. 10.8 L
36 Establishing a Common Facility Center at Hoshiarpur for Wood Industries and Small Scale Wood Workers in Punjab (PSAMB) Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2013-16 Rs. 31 L
37 Studies on natural durability of plantation grown species with conventional/ eco-friendly preservatives (Melia composita) Dr. Sadhna Tripathi 2012-17 Rs. 8.08 L
38 Use of near infrared spectroscopy for rapid evaluation of physical and strength properties of Melia spp Dr. Y.M. Dubey 2016-2018 Rs. 5.7 L
39 Effect of different adhesives on the bending strength of finger jointed Eucalyptus sections Dr. Kishan Kumar 2016-2019 Rs.  14.08 L
40 Seasoning studies on important species of bamboos for  handicrafts using Dehumidifier kiln and Vacuum kiln Dr. N. K. Upreti 2017-2020 Rs. 7.75 lakhs
41 Studies on role of nano-fillers in wood composites and finger-jointed solid wood Mrs. Ismita Nautiyal 2017-2020 24.5 Lakhs
42 Studies on the Radio Frequency Curing of adhesives in manufacturing of Plywood D.P Khali 2017-2020 Rs. 15.90 Lakhs
43 Assessment of decay in trees by non destructive technique Dr. Y.M.Dubey 2017-2018 Rs. 1.55 Lakhs
44 Exploratory Studies of Friction Induced Welding on Indian Wood Species for making Joints Shailendra Kumar 2017-2021 Rs. 6.8 Lakhs
45 Modification of difficult to treat timbers by Microwave technique for improving impregnation of preservatives Ajmal Samani 2017-2022 Rs.14.10 Lakhs
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