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Ongoing Projects (ICFRE and externally funded)

S.No. Title of Project P.I. Name & Designation Co-P.I. Name & Designation Funding Agency Date of Start Duration in year Project Cost
1 Studies on natural durability of plantation grown species(Melia composita) with conventional eco-friendly preservative (ZiBOC) Dr. Sadhna Tripathi, Sci-G Mr. Ajmal Samani, Sci-E ICFRE April 2012 6 8.08
2 Effect of different adhesives on the bending strength of finger jointed Eucalyptus sections Dr. Kishan Kumar, Sci-G Mr. D.P. Khali, Sci-F ICFRE April 2016 3 14.08
3 Use of near infrared spectroscopy for rapid evaluation of physical and strength properties of Melia composita. Dr. Y.M. Dubey, Sci-E ICFRE April 2016 2 5.70
4 Seasoning studies on important species of bamboos for  handicrafts using Dehumidifier kiln and Vacuum kiln Dr. N.K. Upreti, Sci-G ICFRE April 2017 3 7.25
5 Studies on the Radio Frequency Curing of adhesives in manufacturing of Plywood Mr. D.P. Khali, Sci-F Mrs. Ismita Nautiyal, Sci-C ICFRE April 2017 3 15.90
6 Exploratory Studies of Friction Induced Welding on Indian Wood Species for making Joints. Mr. Shailendra Kumar, Sci-B Mr. Shikhar Shukla, TO ICFRE April 2017 4 6.80
7 Studies on role of nano-fillers in wood composites and finger-jointed solid wood Mrs. Ismita Nautiyal, Sci-C Mr. D.P. Khali, Sci-F

Dr. Kishan Kumar, Sci-G

ICFRE April 2017 3 24.50
8 Development of a solar heated vacuum dryer with a thermal energy storage system Mr. Shailendra Kumar, Sci-B Dr. N.K. Upreti, Sci-G ICFRE July 2017 3 25.11
9 Performance evaluation of imported timbers after treatment with conventional (CCA, CCB) and environmental-safe (ZiBOC) preservative in prototype cooling tower. Mr. Ajmal Samani, Sci-E Dr. Sadhna Tripathi, Sci-G ICFRE July 2017 3 11.06
10 Assessment of decay in trees by non destructive technique Dr. Y.M. Dubey, Sci-E ICFRE April 2017 1.5 4.05
11 Modification of difficult to treat timbers by Microwave technique for improving impregnation of preservatives Mr. Ajmal Samani, Sci-E Dr. Sadhna Tripathi, Sci-G

Dr. Y.M. Dubey, Sci-E

Dr. P.K. Pande-Sci-F

ICFRE April 2017 5 14.60
12 Integration of hybrid solar thermal energy storage system in a booster reflector augmented green house type solar timber dryer Mr. Shailendra Kumar, Sci-B DST-SERB April 2016 2 10.80
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