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S.No. Title of Project P.I Name & Designation Co-P.I. Name & Designation Funding Agency Date of Start Duration in Year Project Cost
1. Evaluation of carbon regulating services and soil health of restored limestone mine overburden areas

Shri N. Bala, Scientist-G & HoD

  1. Dr. VP Panwar, Scientist-E
  2. Dr. Tarachand, Scientist-D
  3. Dr. Hukum singh, Scientist-C
ICFRE April 2019  

Four years (2019-2023)


32.66      lakhs
2. Carbon sequestration and carbon dioxide omission from the soils under different forest cover in Uttarakhand.

Dr. V.P. Panwar, Scientist-E

Dr. Parul Bhatt, Scientist-E ICFRE 4th July 2017 4 years  (April, 2017 to March, 2021) 12.90 Lakhs
3. Identification and characterization of important bacterial groups from salt affect soils of  Haryana and Punjab

Dr. Parul Bhatt


 Dr. V. P. Panwar, Scientist-E ICFRE April 2018 3 Years,  (April 2018-March 2021) 18.54
4. Assessment of hydrological services imparted by forest Kempty watershed (Mussoorie)

Dr. Parmanand Kumar, Scientist-C

  1. Dr. Hukum Singh, Scientist-C
  2. Dr. Manoj Kumar, Scientist-C
ICFRE April 2018


8 years

5. Effect of elevated CO2 with the varying nutrient regime on carbon  sequestration and resource use efficiency of Lagerstroemia speciosa L Dr. Hukum Singh, Scientist-C N. Bala, Scientist G ICFRE Octo.2019 Sept.2020 32.53

Predicting climatically suitable future habitats for the range-restricted Himalayan bird using species distribution modelling approach.  Himalayan Research Fellowship proposal-2017-18. National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS).

Dr. Hukum Singh, Scientist-C

G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Devt. Kosi Katarmal, Almora April, 2018 April 2018- 2021 27.7
7. Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Greenhouse Gas Emission from two Wetland Ecosystems in Himalayan Foothillv Women Scientist’s project

Dr. Hukum Singh

Scientist-C, Mentor

DST 2019 2022 21.97
8. All India Coordinated Research Project – 31: Study of climate driven effects on Indian forests through long term monitoring

Shri N. Bala, Scientist-G, NPC

Dr. V.P. Panwar, Scientist-E,PI

  1. Dr. Parul Bhatt Kotiyal, Scientist-E
  2. Dr. Tara Chand, Scientist-D
  3. Dr. Parmanand Kumar, Scientist-C
  4. Dr. Hukum Singh, Scientist-C
  5. Dr. S.K. Komboj, ACTO
  6. Shri Arun Kumar Kandwal,T.O.
  7. Shri Antrix Soni, STA

CAMPA February, 2020 2020-2023 310.9
9. All India Coordinated Research Project-22: Preparation of Soil Health Card under different vegetation in all the forest division of India

Dr. V.P. Panwar, Scientists-E, NPC

PI: Dr. Parul Bhatt Kotiyal, Scientists-E

CAMPA February, 2020  


10. All India Coordinated Research Project-19: Assessment of water requirement of different forest tree species and its impact on   subsoil moisture.

Shrii N. Bala, NPC

PI: Dr Parmanand Kumar, Scientist- C

Dr. Tara Chand, Scientist-D, CAMPA 2020  



11. Ecosystem functioning and services of Himalaya temperate forest under anthropogenic change: Plant functional trait based environment

Dr. Tara Chand, Scientist-D

Sh. N. Bala, Scientist-G & Head G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Sustainable Devt. Kosi Katarmal, Almora June, 2020  



12. Replenishment study of river bed material for Ganga river and its tributaries

Dr. Parmanand Kumar, Scientist-C

  1. Sh N. Bala, Scientist-G
  2. Dr. Tara Chand, Scientist-D
  3. Dr. Hukum Singh, Scientist-C
  4. Mr. S.K. Kamboj, ACTO
Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation 2018  



13. Replenishment study of riverbed material for Yamuna River at Yamunanagar

Dr. Parmanand Kumar, Scientist-C

  1. Dr. Hukum Singh, Scientist-C
  2. Dr. Tara Chand, Scientist-D
  3. Mr. S.K. Kamboj, ACTO


ICFRE April 2019  

Four years (2019-2023)


32.66      lakhs
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