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Division is applying multidimensional research on structure and functioning of forest ecosystem, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, rehabilitation and management of disturbed lands, wetland, carbon, water and energy budgeting and pollution abatement through vegetation, and climate change and hydrological studies.


  • Structure and functioning of forest ecosystems in relation to regeneration.
  • Biodiversity assessment of natural and plantation ecosystems.
  • Investigating technology of eco-restoration of degraded areas including degraded forests, mined lands, landslides and marginal lands.
  • Ecosystem services of forests
  • Environmental management
  • Effect of climate change on forests and biodiversity and mitigation through forestry activities.
  • Recording and maintenance of meteorological data.
  • Response of tree species under elevated CO2 and temperature condition using OTC approach.
  • Carbon, water and energy budgeting
  • Characterization of plant functional traits in Himalayan ecosystems
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