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Division is actively engaged in the research and development activities of pulp and paper sciences. To achieve the objectives, the activities mainly focused on the:

  • Development of high yield pulping process for various raw materials.
  • Characterization and utilization of black liquor.
  • Development of new and / or modified pulping process and optimization of process control parameters.
  • Recycling of waste paper to augment raw material shortage.
  • Development of biotechnology processes for pulp & paper production. Characterization of enzymes, standardization of enzymatic pre-bleaching of pulp, enzymatic refining of pulp and bio-pulping of indigenous wood.
  • Bioconversion of lignocellulosic forest waste biomass for ethanol production.
  • Modifications of alpha cellulose for various industrial applications.
  • Development of various industrial and culture paper.
  • Sponsored research projects pertaining to pulp, paper and board manufacture and related field.
  • Evolution of new raw materials including plantation – grown species of hardwoods for pulps, paper and broad industry.
  • Utilization of non-wood fibers and various grades of waste paper.
  • Manufacture of handmade paper.
  • Development of green paper additives.

Cellulose & paper Division is engaged in continuously imparting the training in pulp and paper technology since 1959, through research, education and training programmes to accomplish the requirement for healthy growth of the industry. Large numbers of trained personnel form FRI are occupying the apex position in paper industry in India and across the globe.

The activities in respect of training and education in pulp and paper technology are as follows:

  1. Sc. Cellulose and Paper Technology.
  2. Post M.Sc. Research Education leading to award of Ph.D.
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