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S.No. Name of Project, PI name Principal / Co Investigator Funding Agency Project Team members Project duration
1. Development of Agro-mediculture models for sustainable diversified farming in Uttaranchal and Haryana.


Dr. A.K. Sharma

Dr.P.P.Bhojvaid Smt. Shruti Sharma

National Medicinal Plant Board 2002-06
2. Demand and Supply of Medicinal plants found / grown in Haryana Dr. A.K. Sharma



SMPB Haryana JRFs 2005
3. Status report on Availability of medicinal plants, marketing and potential for growth of medicinal plants in Morni –Pinjore Division Dr. A.K. Sharma



Haryana Forest Department JRFs 2004
4. Standardization of drying and storage protocol and quality assessment of selected commercially cultivated medicinal plants of Uttarakhand


Dr. A.K. Sharma


NMPB JRFs 2007-10
5. Development of optimal harvesting regimes of  selected Dashmula tree species in plantations of Gujarat


Dr. A.K. Sharma


Gujarat Forest Department JRFs 2007-10
6. Establishment of value chain of selected NTFPs in Gujarat. Dr. A.K. Sharma


Gujarat Forest Department  JRFs 2007-10
7. National Study on Commercial Production of Non Timber Forest Products for Ensuring Fair Economic Returns to Primary Collectors


Dr.A.K.Sharma, Dr. Lokho Puni


MoEF &CC Amba Prasad

, Satya swaroop JRFs

8. Baseline Survey/Inventory  of Guggal and Salai Guggal distribution in Haryana


Dr. A.K. Sharma


Haryana Forest Department Amba Prasad

Attar singh, Satya swaroop

9. Development & multiplication of superior bioactive clones of Stevia rebaudiana


Dr. A.K. Sharma,

Dr. Ashok Kumar

ICFRE 2005-08
10. Creation of Seed Production Areas and Commercial Cultivation Trials of Uraria picta


Dr.A.K.Sharma, Dr. Lokho Puni


ICFRE Amba Prasad

Attar singh Satya swaroop

11. Development of Organic Cultivation protocols for enhancing productivity  of selected medicinal and aromatic plants in Uttarakhand


Dr. Lokho Puni



ICFRE Amba Prasad

Attar singh Satya swaroop

12. Studies on nursery diseases of important medicinal plants of Uttarakhand



Dr. Lokho Puni, Dr. N.S.K. Harsh ICFRE Amba Prasad

Attar singh

Satya swaroop

13. Data compilation of R & D in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants by ICFRE Institute and Other Institutional Projects


Dr. Lokho Puni Dr. A.K.Sharma ICFRE Dr.Vishwajeet JRFs 2010-13
14. Field trials for increasing   NWFP Productivity using Piper pedicellatum


Dr. Lokho Puni Dr. B.P. Tamta ICFRE Amba Prasad

Attar Singh

15. Exploration, conservation, and propagation of important medicinal climbers of Garhwal  Himalayas


Dr. B.P. Tamta


NMPB Attar Singh Satya swaroop, JRFs 2006-09
16. Development of Non-Destructive Harvesting Methods for Medicinal Plants.


Dr. B.P. Tamta, Dr. A.K. Sharma, Shri M.Z. Singson NMPB Attar Singh Satya swaroop &JRF 2006-09
17. Testing of Vegetative Multiplication

Technique of Microstylis wallichii in

its Natural Habitat.


 Dr. B.P.Tamta

Dr. Lokho Puni

ICFRE Attar Singh 2009-13
18. Field trial of borehole method of resin

tapping for Chir pine of Uttrakhand

for better oleo-resin yield.


Dr. B.P. Tamta, Dr. Lokho Puni ICFRE Amba Prasad

Satya swaroop

19. Development of sustainable model for enrichment of selected Medicinal Plant Conservation Areas (MPCAs) of  Uttarakhand Himalayas


 Dr. B.P.Tamta


ICFRE Attar Singh 2011-16
20. Diversification of hill agriculture through integration of medicinal/aromatic plants for livelihood


Dr.Vishwajeet, Dr. A.K. Sharma ICFRE Attar singh 2010-13
21. Development of nursery technique of fibre yielding Himalyayan Nettle  


S.R. Baloch

Dr. B.P.Tamta

ICFRE Attar singh 2009-11
22. Phytochemical examination of Acacia albida


  Dr. Pradeep Sharma

Dr.Suresh Sharma

ICFRE JRF 2010-14
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