On Going Projects:

Sl.No. Project Title Name & Designation of PI Funding Agency Members Cost (Rs. in Lakhs) Duration
1. Identification of superior germplasm of Andrographis paniculata and Bacopa monnieri and its cultivation at farmers/tribals field for livelihood generation. Dr. A.K. Pandey, Scientist-G NMPB. New Delhi 36.63 2015-18
2. Phytochemical evaluation of Habenaria edgeworthii Hook. f. ex. Collett and Habenaria intermedia  D.Don, the important Astavarg species Dr. A.K. Pandey, Scientist-G NMPB, New Delhi Dr. Y.C. Tripathi 26.50 2016-19
3. Studies on phytochemical composition of Osyris quadripartita Dr. A.K. Pandey, Scientist-G In house project Dr. Y.C. Tripathi 17.06 2017-20
4. Chemical examination and value addition of edible mushroom Astraeus hygrometricus. Dr. V.K. Varshney, Scientist-F In house project Shri Pankaj Singh, IFB, Hyderabad 6.66 2016-19
5. Structural analysis and biochemical studies of polyphenolic compounds from Indian trees and bamboo. Dr. V.K. Varshney, Scientist-F DST Dr. Rakesh Kumar 11.95 2016-18
6. Biotechnological interventions for valorization of biomass waste residues into antioxidants. Dr. V.K. Varshney, Scientist-F Uttarakhand Council of Biotechnology, Haldi 5.81 2015-18
7. Upgrading the attar value chain- Development of improved production technology and standard specification for quality control. Dr. V.K. Varshney, Scientist-F DST Shri P.K. Kukreti

Shri A.K. Singh

28.14 2016-18
8. Investigation on population biology, characterization and conservation of some high value threatened medicinal plants of north east region  (ICAR-RC-NEH, Barapani, Meghalaya and FRI) Dr. V.K. Varshney, Scientist-F DBT Dr. Rakesh Kumar, 26.69 2017-20
9. Nutritional and quality evaluation of selected wild edible plants as a source of functional food. Dr. Y.C. Tripathi,  Scientist-F In house project 2017-20
10. Value addition of guar gum and its byproducts Dr. Vineet Kumar,  Scientist-F ICAR Dr. Pradeep Sharma 46.50 2016-21
11. Phytochemical examination, molecular characterization and propagation of Illicium griffithii Hook. f. & Thoms.: a medicinally important RET plant of Northeast India for improving economic- and conservation- status’ Dr. Vineet Kumar,  Scientist-F DBT Dr. Pradeep Sharma 23.28 2017-20
12. Bioprospecting of essential oils Dr. Vineet Kumar,  Scientist-F DST Dr. Pradeep Sharma 18.64 2017-20
13. Bioprospecting of Pinus roxburghii needles wax and other extractives Dr. Vineet Kumar In house project 10.56 Three Years
14. · Evaluation of antifungal properties and chemical characterization of active principle (s) of Berberis aristata D.C.  collected from different provenances of Himachal Pradesh (Funding Agency: NMPB, New Delhi)


· Dr. Rashmi,  Scientist-E

·   Project Coordinator

NMPB 26.40 2015-18
15. · Development of plant based bio-pesticide for management of poplar defoliator, its field trial in northern region and conduction of awareness programme for farmers (Funded by DST, New Delhi)


· Dr. Rashmi,  Scientist-E DST Dr. K.P. Singh 15.21 2015-18
16. Enzymatic intervention for quality improvement of essential oil from Cyperus scariosus and Zanthoxylum armatum Dr. Rashmi, Scientist-E In house project Dr. Varsha Parcha, SBSPGRI, Dehradun 10.07 Three Years
17. Utilization of forest biomass through value added application as source of natural dyes Dr. Rakesh Kumar,  Scientist-E In house project 11.26 2017-20
18. Bioactivity guided chemical examination of knotwood of Indian trees Dr. Rakesh Kumar,  Scientist-E DST Dr. V.K. Varshney 11.99 Two Years
19. Value addition and utilization of  Cassia tora  seeds Dr. Pradeep Sharma, Scientist-B In house project 12.21 2016-19
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