TRAINING PROGRAMME on Cultivation and utilization of medicinal plants

Medicinal plants play a vital role to cure various ailments. They are widely used in Ayurveda and are closely associated with human health. They exist in natural forests but their unscientific over exploitation from natural forests, created a threat to their existence in the nature. The only way is meet ever growing demand of medicinal plant6s to grow them at farmers field. The suitable and approachable areas to establish them are farms, garden wastelands, etc. Before cultivating these medicinal plants in these areas, their medicinal and economic values as well as cultivation techniques need to be disseminated to farmers, forest department officials and NGOs so that they can have confidence to grow medicinal plants in their respective areas.
Keeping in view, Extension Division of Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun conducted 3 days training from 9th to 11th October, 2018 on “Cultivation and utilization of medicinal plants” for frontline staff of Forest Department, NCT Delhi and farmers at Asola Bhati Wildlife Sanctuary, Tughlakabad, Delhi as an extension activity under Van Vigyan Kendra, Delhi. The training was inaugurated by Mr. S.K. Muan Guite, IFS, Dy. Conservator of Forests, South Forest Division, NCT Delhi.
In his inaugural address he appreciated the planning of training programme and said that the programme is formulated according to the need of frontline staff of Delhi Forest Department, farmers and other stakeholders. He asserted to participants the utility and importance of the training. He told that there is a wide scope of growing medicinal plants in gardens and other places in Delhi. Dr. A. K. Pandey, Head Extension Division, FRI, Dehradun also addressed the participants of the training and assured them that the training will be of wide spectrum knowledge on medicinal plants and certainly be beneficial for all category of stakeholders. He quoted that quality of seedlings, always counts because a good quality seedling produces a good quantity of product. He advised that knowledge on cultivation and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants given during the training programme need to be extended to the extension workers at grass root level for utilization of common man. He also mentioned that Cooperatives if formed may help in marketing of produces. He suggested that cultivation of medicinal plants should be done according to the demand of market in a particular area. Besides, he told that a scientific harvesting, storage and processing technology of medicinal plants may enhance the productivity and quality of the produce. The anchoring of the inaugural programme was done by Dr. Charan Singh, Scientist-E,
During technical session, interactive talks were made on following topics:
• Collection and storage of seed and developing Hi-Tech Nursery of medicinal plants and other species suitable for Delhi NCT area
• Medicinal plants suitable for degraded land
• Cultivation and utilization of some important medicinal and aromatic plants
• Diseases management of medicinal and plants and their management
• Important Medicinal trees of Delhi: Cultivation and Management
• Insect pests of medicinal and aromatic plants and their management
• Potential of medicinal and aromatic herbs in cottage industry
Beside above interactive talks, a local visit to Dr. Karni Shooting Range, Asola Bhati Wildlife Sanctuary, Tughlakabad, Delhi was arranged where participants came to know about different medicinal plants planted in the sanctuary and Butterfly park located in the sanctuary.
The training was completed successfully on 11th October, 2018. After completion of training views and feedbacks were taken from participants to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Certificates were distributed to all participants. The valedictory session was anchored by Dr. Devendra Kumar, Scientist-D.
Dr. Charan Singh, Scientist-E, Dr. Devendra Kumar, Scientist-D, Shri Rambir Singh, Scientist-D, Shri Ajay Gulati, Sr. Technical Officer and other team members contributed a lot in planning and completion of the training under the leadership and guidance of Dr. A. K. Pandey, Head, Extension Division, FRI, Dehradun. Participants appreciated the training programme and hospitality given by the team of Extension Division, FRI, Dehradun.

October 26, 2018
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