• Herbarium with 3,30,000 plant specimens including carpological collection
  • Xylarium with 20000 wood samples
  • Entomological reference collection of about 1000 isolates of forest fungi
  • National Forest Library and Information Centre
  • Seed testing for over 80 tree species
  • Database on properties of over 400 timber species
  • Timber price survey over 15 species in 12 markets
  • 76 volume tables and 26 yield tables
  • Germplasm collection about 100 medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Arboretum, Bambusetum and Botanical garden
  • Consultancy and training of industries on use of new raw materials, processing and wood utilization
  • In situ advice on problems of factory processes and diagnostic analysis
  • Seasoning, preservative treatment and sawing of wood on commercial basis
  • Wood identification, testing and quality control timber and timber products
  • Dissemination of new important technologies and practices through Van Vigyan Kendra
  • Development of modern village
  • Photosanitary certificate for export of plant material
  • Export and Import of Plants and Plant Materials
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