• To work in the field of Bioinformatics, RS-GIS and Information Technology
  • To Support teaching activities of Biology and its allied areas of the host institute in particular and the neighboring institutions in general.
  • Building of information resources, prepare databases of interest to its users and to develop relevant information handling tools and techniques.
  • Assessing the information requirements and organizing necessary infrastructure to provide information and computer support services to the users.
  • Establishing the linkages with BTISnet of DBT for sharing Information Resources and Expertise.
  • Organizing Training/Workshop for familiarizing the application of Bioinformatics in Biology teaching and learning activities.
  • Provide all Information Technology support services to institute
  • Website Management of Institute
  • Develop essential primary data base using RS-GIS
  • Imparting trainings to students of FRI University for Bioinformatics, IT, Remote Sensing and GIS
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