Silviculture Museum


The Silviculture Museum displays models and Photographs on Silvicultural Systems practised for efficient and scientific management of the forests. The most important exhibits are a series of large models showing the chief methods practised for regulating the felling and regeneration of a forest. General aim is to utilize the soil fully for perpetual supply of timber in the most paying sizes. These methods vary with the species, extraction facilities, proximity of markets, and market requirements. A diagram showing examples of the methods in actual practice supplements each model.

A model shows the altitudinal zonation of forest types. The species composition in the forests varies from place to place due to different elevations according to altitudinal variations. Attempt has been made in this model to indicate forest species that occur from plains to the higher hills. Different types of tools used in forestry operations form a unique set of exhibits. The sketches of wildlife of India are educative for school children.

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