International Biodiversity Day

International Biodiversity Day
(22 nd May, 2018)

The Convention on Biological Diversity is celebrating the International Day for Biological
Diversity on May 22, 2018, with the theme “Celebrating 25 Years of Action for Biodiversity”.
To commemorate the International Biodiversity day, Extension Division, Forest Research
Institute, Dehradun celebrated 22 nd May, 2018 as International Biodiversity Day 2018 in the
institute with the aim to create awareness about the importance of Biodiversity. On this occasion,
walking trails (Bird watching and Biodiversity Watching) were arranged in the FRI campus to
know the biodiversity by near. The event was inaugurated by Dr. S. C. Gairola, Director
General, Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education, Dehradun. In his address he
emphasized for educating people about the importance of biodiversity in their day to day life. Dr.
Savita, Director, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun addressed both groups on the aspect of
Biodiversity and joined biodiversity watchers group guided by Dr. Anup Chandra. Bird watching
group was guided by Dr. Arun Pratap Singh.
Dr. Anup Chandra guided the Biodiversity group and gave a brief account of plants on the way.
He told that flora of the forest is changing with the change in climatic conditions. He explained
about phenarogams and cryptogams and told that some valuable species are now disappearing
rapidly and there is a dire need of their conservation. Dr. Arun Pratap Singh guided the Bird
watching group in watching different kind of birds and told their behavior in different seasons.
He told that birds are very sensitive and affected by human behavior and changes in the nature.
He told that birds may be identified by their sound and color pattern. During the walks, both
groups were facilitated by the team of publicity & liaison office, Extension Division, security
personals of the institute.

November 2, 2018
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