Interactive meet and visit of Teachers of Kendriya Vidyalaya

Climate change and global warming is a burning issue of today and for its mitigation, conservation of biodiversity specially, forest conservation and propagation is necessary. It is well known that forests are lifeline for mankind and need to be conserved and protected for minimize the pollution. For this, awareness should be spread in all directions through different media and this may be more effective if it disseminated through education sector. Keeping this in view, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun conducted an interactive meet for 100 teachers of Kendriya Vidiyalayas running in different parts of the country. In the said meeting, a brief account on forestry research, extension and education being done in the institute was given by Dr. Charan Singh, Scientist-E, Extension Division and Coordinator of the Programme. Besides, two talks on “Climate Change and its mitigation” and “Biodiversity Conservation” were delivered by Dr. Anup Chandra, Head, Forest Botany Division and Dr. N. Bala, Head, Forest Ecology and Climate Change respectively. Dr. Anup Chandra gave a detailed account of flora existing in different parts of the country. He told that the Forest Botany Division has huge collection of plants specimen physical and digital form. He also mentioned that for environment protection biodiversity conservation is essential as without existence of trees nobody can survive in this world. Dr. N. Bala told in his talk about Climate Change and its adverse effect on environment. He mentioned that in some cities the level of pollution is at alarming level. He also told about global warming and its effect on glaciers. He mentioned that it is our duty to make aware everybody for environment protection and education sector may be an effective media for its dissemination. The group of teachers participated in the meeting in the guidance of Course leaders of scout, cub, guide and flock sections. Among Course leaders, Shri Manoj Malik (ASO), Mrs. Tara (ASO), Shri V. K. Sharma, Shri Shiv Kumar, Mrs. Vimala Khati and Mrs. Daya Meghani were also participated in the meeting. After meeting, the group visited museums of the institute and came to know about forestry interventions through visualization of models and other artifacts in museums. The team of Extension Division including, Shri Ramesh Singh, Assistant and Shri Yatharth, MTS in the supervision of Programme Coordinator contributed a lot the interactive meet and visit successful.

February 4, 2019
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