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 Resource Survey & Management Division

Introduction :

RSM Division came into existence in the year 1987 after re-organization of FRI. The oldest branches of FRI viz. Forest Economics and Forest Mensuration (both were created in the year 1906-the formation year of FRI) were amalgamated for creation of RSM Division.

The Forest Economics discipline has been working on the estimation of demand and supply of forest products, cost-benefit analysis, socio-economic impact assessments and marketing of forest products. The valuation of intangible benefits of forest/ tree based systems is being made for services like eco-tourism, FRI Estate, Zoological parks, etc.
Forest Mensuration discipline has undertaken the preparation of yield and volume tables for all the commercial timber species of the country by laying out sample plots across different forest divisions. Yield and growth statistics were prepared and analyzed. Statistics for growth and yield and growth data were developed for plantations areas as well.

Apart from these activities the division has undertaken the research work in socio-economic dimensions of natural / forest resource management, sustainable management of natural and plantation forests and biometry. The division also addresses research issues in management and social sciences encompassing forestry and environmental conservation and probe into linkages between social and forestry management sciences. The division also undertakes formulation of new research projects and their execution in the field accordingly. Prioritization of discipline wise mandate is as under:

Environmental economics

  • Environmental economics and policy analysis.
  • Assessment and economic valuation of forest resources and of ecosystem services.
  • Livelihood issues and sustainable natural resource management and forest certification.
  • Common property resource economics.
  • Studies and consultancies on economics of climate change- socioeconomic and environmental impacts and cost-benefit analysis of forestry projects and forestry operations.
  • Green marketing, rural marketing and marketing strategies of forest products.
  • Demand-supply and market study of forest products including important NTFP products, bamboo resources and medicinal plants.
  • To determine production and consumption in market and market price associated with natural resources and environmental resources and valuation of non-marketable goods and services associated with it.

Forest Management :

  • Assessment and inventorization of forest resources – in the light of present day forest management data base requirement, forest biometry, information on forest resources, the growth dynamics of natural forest and plantation, stand modeling, collection of statistics of growth and yield and for planning as well as better forest management for sustained yield from the forest.
  • Development and maintenance of yield and volume tables of commercially important timber species.
  • To deal in management control systems like forest working plans, social and institutional dimensions of sustainable forest management – community/ farm forestry – joint forest management/ micro planning.
  • Climate change and carbon sequestration, issues related with the forest and plantation management.

The division is working to extend the research base and undertake client based specific projects particularly in the domain of forest crop measurement especially in JFM areas. GIS based forest inventorization, working plan formulation, demonstration plots of bamboo cultivation and growth assessment, compilation of district based indigenous knowledge on lesser known tree species and their uses etc.. There are number of symbiotic opportunities wherein this division and the different cliental particularly the state forest departments and forest based industries can work together and their collaboration can go a long way in the process of forestry research being converted to technologies for common use.



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Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

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