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 Forest Entomology Division  


Forest Entomology Division is one of the six founder branches which were started with the establishment of the erstwhile Imperial Forest Research Institute in 1906. 

Division is proud of been nourished and headed by eminent entomologists of the country -  Dr. E. P. Stebbing (1900-1902 and August, 1906 - December, 1909),  Sh. V. S. Ayer (January, 1910- October, 1911), Dr. A.D. Imms (November, 1911-February, 1913),  Dr. C. F. C. Beeson (March, 1913-August, 1941), Dr. J. C. M. Gardner (September, 1941 - May, 1947), Sh. A. H. Khan ( June, 1947 -September, 1947), Dr. N. C. Chatterjee     (March, 1948 - November, 1949), Dr. M. L. Roonwal (December, 1949 - July, 1956), Dr. R. N. Mathur (August, 1956 - October, 1961), Dr. P. N. Chatterjee (November, 1961 - December, 1970), Dr. P. K. Sen-Sarma (June, 1970 - May, 1973 and  September, 1976 - August, 1982), Sh. Pratap Singh (June, 1973 - August, 1976 and  October, 1983 - July, 1989), Sh. Avinash Chandra (September, 1982 - September, 1983), Dr. M.L. Thakur (August, 1989 - August, 1995), Dr. H. R. Khan (September, 1995 - October, 2002), Dr. M. Ahmad (November, 2002 - July, 2008), Shri R. S. Bhandari (August, 2008- June, 2009) and Dr. R. K. Thakur (July, 2009 - July, 2010).

It is our pride that today whatever information is known about forest insects in the country originated from this division of Forest Research Institute.

Research Highlights

  • Division has established one of the biggest insect collections of the country - National Forest Insect Collection (NFIC). It is unique in having 18,000 (including 1,800 types) forestry related insect species from the Indian subcontinent.
  • Division has identified insect pests of almost all the important tree and timber species of the country and developed effective control measures to increase productivity of natural and man made forests.
  • Biological control of the noxious defoliator of poplar, Clostera cupreata, has been developed using parasitoid Trichogramma poliae.
  • The Sal heart-wood borer, Hoplocerambyx spinicornis, is a well know problem in sal forests of our country. Trap tree operation developed by the division to trap the adult beetles is a major control practice for the pest.
  • Technology for testing natural termite resistance in timbers was developed and accordingly timber species have been categorized for resistance.
  • Division has done remarkable work on termite control in plantations and buildings.
  • Aerial insecticide spraying operations were conducted for the first time in the country against pests of teak, deodar, poplar and chir pine.
  • Division has developed economic and effective insecticide application methodology like drip line in the soil and tree injections, which reduce contamination of environment to many folds.
  • Entomological Museum showing role of insects in forest ecology and human welfare has been developed. It imparts valuable information to general public and researchers.
  • Division has contributed enormously in the field of taxonomy, especially of beetles, termites, parasitic Hymenoptera, etc. Thousands of new species have been discovered by the scientists of this division and by other experts from different organizations from India and abroad based upon material collected, reared and preserved in the division.


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 National Forest Martyrs Day(uploaded on 11-09-2017)
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 Superannuation list of Group 'C' service of FRI/ICFRE-2018 (uploaded on 31-08-2017)

 Superannuation list of Scientists/Officers service of ICFRE-2018 (uploaded on 31-08-2017)

 Corrigendum (uploaded on 22-08-2017)

 ICFRE Notification No.63-19/2016 Order on the recommendation of the Departmental Promotion Commitee, the Director, F.R.I. has accorded the approval for the induction/adjustment to the existing Technical Staff of ICFRE/FRI (upto the grade pay of Rs.4600/-) under Technical Service Rules-2013 of ICFRE nationally from 18.12.2013 and w.e.f. 01.03.2017 (uploaded on 14-Aug-2017)

 Circular for Minutes of The House Allotment committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 22.06.2017 for allotment/change of Govt. Quarters to ICFRE/FRI Officials.(Uplaoded on 07.07.2017) 

 Circular from Account Section regarding GST.(Uploaded on 04.07.2017)

  "Order No.-16/796/2014/Establishment-I" from registrar, Establishment-I, FRI Dehradun.(Uploaded on 04.07.2017)

 Instructions regarding Annual Performance Report (APAR) in respect of Scientists in new Format ( uploaded on 27.06.2017)

 GST Related Memo (Uploaded on 27.06.2017)

 Order No. 1-04/2009-Misc. from Registrar Office FRI.(Uploaded on 15.06.2017) 

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 Announcement and Consent form for IVth Convocation 2017 of FRI Deemed University.(Uploaded on 12.06.2017)

 Application for NOC to acquire of Passport-regarding.(Uploaded on 12.06.2017)

 Tariff rates for Guest Houses/Hostels at FRI,Dehradun..reg.(Uploaded on 12.06.2017)

 Circular for Debate Competition on the Topic," Technology Development and Environment" on 29.05.2017 at Convocation Hall,FRI Dehradun.(Uploaded on 26.05.2017)

 Order No.2-5/2006/Gen-EPABX from Registrar Office FRI (Uploaded on 26.05.2017)

 Order No.1/19/2001-Ests-II Forest Research Institute Filling up of posts of LDC through Departmental Examination

 Order No. 35-863/2010-ICFRE from Registrar Office FRI (uploaded on 23.05.17)

 Order No. 11/661/2010/Ests-1 from Registrar Office FRI (uploaded on 23.05.17)

 APAR/AWR in r/o Scientists working in ICFRE for the year  2017-18  - Regarding "Annual Working  Plan." (Uploaded on 22.05.2017)

 Information on Aadhaar Act, 2016 Aadhaar for targeted delivery of Financial & other subsidies, benefits & services-reg. (uploaded on 04.05.2017)

 Circular from registrar office regarding cleanliness. (uploaded on 25.04.2017)   

 Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return (AIPR) for the year ending 31.12.2016 ( as on 01.01.2017) by Indian Forest Services (IFS) Officers/Group A & B officers ( other than deputanist) of ICFRE & its Institute (uploaded on 25.04.2017 

 Review of Scientidts for in-situ up-gradation to the next higher grade under FCS of ICFRE as on 01.07.2017- Regarding.  

 With the approval of Board of Governors provided vide its 54th Meeting held on 20.01.2017at Indira Paryavaran Bhawan,New Delhi, the Director General, ICFRE, is pleased to amend the procedure for Completion of APAR of Deputy Director General,Derector,Secretary,ICFRE and Scientist'G'(uploaded on 27.03.2017)

  Entering qualification of Btech acquired through distiance mode in Service books-regarding.(Uploaded on 23.03.2017)

 Implementation of Technical Services at ICRFRE--reg.(Uploaded on 23.03.2017)

 Transfer order Dr. Vipin Prakash, Scientist-E from FRI (Deemed) University

 Private Forign Visit Performa 

  Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return (AIPR) for the year ending 31.12.2016 (as on 01.01.2017) by Group 'A', 'B' and 'C' officers/officials in the Ministry-reg.

 Forest Research Institute, Dehradun maintains about 750 residential and official buildings spread over about 450 hectares in its campus Uploaded on 23.1.2017) 

 Forest Research Institute, Dehradun campus work of civil/electrical maintenance was entrused to the Division of Engineering & Services, FRI, Dehradun (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)  

 Order for e-champion (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)

 Order for Ensure timely attendance (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)

 on the recommendations of the departmental peer review committee/assisment board (Group 'A' Scientific Posts), the DG, ICFRE to grant in-situ up-gradation to the following Scientist with effect from 01.01.2017 under Flexible Complementing Scheme of the ICFRE until further orders (uploaded on 09-Jan-2017) 

 Circular LDC Post, Extension of deputation, Gazetted Holidays year 2017, Waiting list for allotment of Govt. residence at FRI  (Uploaded on 29.12.2016) 

  Retirement List for the Calendar Year 2017 (Uploaded on 28-Sept-2016)

 Publish new Telephone Directory ICFRE/FRI offices 

  Retirement List for the Calendar Year 2016 (Uploaded on 16-Sept-2015)

  Re-assessment of damage charges in respect of residential accommodation at FRI-Reg.(Uploaded on 17 August 2015)

 New Head of Division of forest Products Division,FRI,Dehradun (uploaded on 22 July 2015) 

 Circular regarding "Performa for approval of deputation abroad" by ADG (Edu. & RB), ICFRE (HQ)  (uploaded on 15-June-2015) 

 Flexible Complementing Scheme of ICFRE - Date of effect of promotions for residency period reg. Circular by ADG(RB),ICFRE (Uploaded on 08-June-2015)

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