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 Chemistry Division

"Testing charges for essential Oils, Aroma and Chemicals by Chemistry Division, FRI"


 Chemistry Division of Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun is in the active service to the nation since 1906, the founding year of the institute.  The research vision conceived during the yesteryears has found its practical applicability and relevance with the growing needs of the common man and industries. The division has an impressive record of  conducting pioneering research focused towards  utilization and promotion of NWFPs (e.g. medicinal plants, essential oils, oils and fats, insecticides of plant origin, gums, tannins, starches, wood and bark extractives, natural dyes and cellulose etc.), wood, waste products from forestry operations and forest based industries through

(i) Chemical analysis of these materials and study of their properties and constituents together with the development of suitable extraction methods on bench scale and pilot scale for their industrial utilization.

(ii) Disseminating up to date scientific information and providing technical services to the Government, industries, trade, importers and exporters, planning and development bodies.

(iii) training of personnel from State Forest Departments, trade, industry and academia. Utilization of these products is of immense benefits to local and national economies and in particular offers additional income to State Forest Departments and forest based industries, and a sustainable livelihood to poor people in rural areas.

The Division has a team of competent Scientific, Technical Staff  and research fellows to implement its R& D programmes. The Division also undertakes sponsored / consultancy work in specific project from various government agencies  and  industry. Technologies developed by the division has delivered the products and services both for humans and environment helping thereby the forest based industries as well as in saving the forests. The division also assists in promotion of human resource development by taking up research and teaching programmes related to PG Diploma and Degree Courses (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) of the FRI University.  Following data in addition to above glimpses the strength of the Division.

Papers: 602
Books:  03
Technologies developed:  22
Technologies transferred: 13
Ph.Ds produced: 18


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Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

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