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Introduction :

The Centre for Social Forestry and Eco-Rehabilitation (CSFER), Allahabad was established in 1992 as an advanced centre under ICFRE. It was upgraded as ‘Institute of Social Forestry & Eco-Rehabilitation’ in the year 1995 but subsequently (1996) merged with FRI as its satellite centre. This Centre aims to nurture and cultivate professional excellence in the field of social forestry and eco-rehabilitation in the Eastern UP and Vindhyan regions, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. The important activities of this centre are: Planting stock improvement programme (PSIP), Wasteland reclamation, Development of agro-forestry models, Reclamation of mined areas through afforestation and studies on Shisham (Dalbergia sissoo) mortality.

WAY FORWARD (Recommendations)

The CSFER has the mandate to work in the area of Social Forestry, Agroforestry and Eco-rehabilitation in the state of UP. As the state has limited area under forest, there is an urgent need to increase the tree cover outside the designated forests. Besides, a considerable area in the state falls under ‘stress zone such as Usar, mining sites, and alkaline or sodic soils. The Centre is expected to excel in this field and accordingly, appropriate strategies need to be evolved to strengthen this centre. This will ensure strong presence of FRI in the state. The following are the recommendations:

  • The centre needs to initiate collaborative research with national (CSIR Institutes, ICAR Institutes, Central Universities and SFDs) and International organizations.
  • Specialized trainings for researchers and field staff to carry out Eco-rehabilitation and establishment of modern nureseries.
  • The procedure regarding participation in national and international seminars need to be   simplified and more delegation of power need to be given to this Centre.
  • Develop well equipped extension facilities such as auditorium, audio-visual aids so that this Centre also serves as a Van Vigyan Kendra for the Eastern UP. 
  • Increase the number of demonstration sites at different places.
  • Better communication, transport and infrastructure are required for improvement in extension programme.
  • Adequate infrastructure and man power would be needed to implement the research findings and related extension activities. Similarly, staff amenities need to be improved.
  • The Centre needs to develop a modern Library and subscribe 1 -2 Journals which focus on the area of work assigned to it.



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Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

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