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 Botany Division


Botany Division of Forest Research Institute (FRI) Dehra Dun is one of the six disciplines established in 1906 in the erstwhile Imperial Forest Research Institute. The division is aimed at carrying out forestry research activities in the subject of forest botany under its three disciplines namely, Systematic Botany, Plant Physiology and Wood Anatomy. Target areas of research include the components of forest biodiversity and biotechnological significance, lesser known floristic diversity of environmentally sensitive areas, anatomy of woods of forestry and economic important species, vegetative multiplication and physiological knowledge and, its application  and integration for the welfare of the society and strategic planning.

Herbarium, Xylarium, Carpological Museum, Botanical Garden, Bambusetum, Tissue Culture units, Rare and spectacular plants conservatories, Vegetative Multiplication Garden, Clonal Seed Orchards are repositories of the division for R & D, educational and extension activities. The disciplines of the division have developed techniques and technologies in macro to micro level propagation of forestry and economic important species, made breakthroughs in identification of bamboos with out recourse to reproductive materials, and discoveries of plant species new to science.  With a view to make the output of the division web enabled and under e-governance digitization of repositories such as that of FRI Herbarium is in progress

The division is accredited for decades of imparting training and education in various aspects of systematic botany, biodiversity, floristic,  tissue culture, quality stock improvement, wood technology, environment and management etc. to the PG level students of FRI University, officers trainees of forestry institutions and participants from organization of the country and outside.

Achievements :

Systematic Botany Discipline:

• Establishment of Bambusetum of FRI with enrichment of species diversity and innovative design and lay out . Bambusetum at Garhi Mandu in Delhi is under establishment.

• Development of Sir Brandis Walking Trail in the Shatabdi Van Vigyan Kendra, City Centre (FRI), Dehra Dun  with interpretative displays on the tree diversity.

• 165 rare and endangered species of Uttarakahand was studied and an enumerative account was prepared.

• Digitization of the herbarium specimens of the FRI herbarium is in progress.

• Floristic studies in the pine and deodar forests were carried out to record the impact of green felling.

• Endangered species were introduced in different conservation areas. Awareness training programme were organized for school teachers , students and environmental personnel.

• Fifteen  exploration-cum collection tours conducted. Five hundred plant specimens have been collected of which two hundred specimens authentically identified for  deposit in FRI Herbarium.  Ethno-botanical information on 50 species have also  been collected.

• Biotic impact assessment on the specific species and sites under threat in the forest areas of  Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi was carried out.

• Tree diversity of Ta Prohom, World Heritage site in Cambodia was studied for tree-to-tree prescription for the restoration-cum-conservation of monumental trees with curious and spectacular forms with archaeological structure.

Plant Physiology Discipline:

Establishment of field germplasm bank (Dendrosetum) of Dendrocalamus strictus  at Forest Research Institute Campus,  Dehra Dun.

• Establishment of a Model Bamboo Nursery at Shatabadi Van Vigyan Kendra, Forest Research Institute, City Campus.  

• Establishment of Hill Bambusetum at Khirsu and Pithuni Khal of  Pauri Garhwal.
• Mass clonal propagation technology has been developed and demonstrated for Terminalia arjuna, T. bellirica and T. chebula.

• Collection of seeds and branch cuttings of different fuel wood and fodder tree species of Garhwal  Himalayas.

• Growing quality planting material in nurseries for distribution to different users

• Propagation technology of fuel wood and fodder species

• Trainings were organized for villagers at three different nursery sites

• Distribution of quality planting material at three different nursery sites and field planting of quality planting material.   
• Studies on phenotypic characteristics viz., height, girth at breast height, clear bole etc. taken for 30 different clones of Dalbergia sissoo in the repository of Clonal Seed Orchard at Lachhiwala

• Maintenance of three Vegetative Multiplication Gardens of different ages at Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun.  Through hedging, fertilizer treatment, thalla formation for juvenile shoot production, suckering operations to encourage sucker formation.

• Seed Collection of Aegle marmelos, Emblica officinalis, Moringa oleifera, Terminalia bellerica and Terminalia chebula were completed.  Seed sowing and germination studies of these species were also completed.

Wood Anatomy Discipline:

• Studies on  wood structure of timber yielding  species

• Microscopic anatomy of commercial timbers of India

• Resin yielding Studies on Gum and trees, Tension Wood ,Silica bodies

• Variation in the structure and its relation to growth conditions and studies on wood quality

• Assessment.

• Studies on paper making raw materials

• Identification of bamboos and canes using anatomical structure.

• Systematic studies on families and closely allied genera and species.

• Development of Computer assisted expert systemon  wood identification, and development of Xylarium. 

Policies, priorities, strategies and problems

Forest Biodiversity oriented floristic surveys and systematic studies on Forest species. Inventorizing, monitoring and assessing rare, spectacular and threatened phyto-diversity. Clonal propagation  for the genetic improvement of important forest species integrating recent trends.

• Screening of water stress tolerant species and clones of forestry important species.

• Wood anatomical studies for identification and evaluation for the quality of timber.

• Development of anatomical database of Indian timber yielding species.

• Tissue culture techniques and development of protocols for the quality planting stock of economically important species.

• Digitization of repository (Herbarium) for web enabling and e-governance
Technology Transfer

Tissue culture technology was developed for the protocols on  Eucalyptus Hybrids (FRI-5, FRI-6, FRI-10, FRI-13,  FRI-14 and FRI-15),  edible bamboos (Dendrcalamus hamiltonni, Dendrocalamus asper, Melocana baccifera,) and introduced in different parts of Uttarakahand for further studies.  Economically important multipurpose forest plants raised through the application of different integrated  for the mass multiplication   were y distributed to the stakeholders.  Demonstration were made on different aspects of  techniques and technologies involved in the development and improvement of forestry and economic important plant species

Future projection and programmes

• Projects on the application of recent trends on survey, monitoring, characterizing and evaluating, threat and conservation values on the Forest Phyto diversity and integration of traditional knowledge.

• Impact of climate change on the flora and interdependent components.

• Dendrochronological studies on the timber yielding forest trees for the assessment of climate change in specific sites.

• Biochemical characterization and proten profiling for physiological metabolic and gene expression of forestry important species.

• Digitization of archive collection of herbarium, xylarium, and live repositories of Forest Research Institute.

• Genetic diversity and water stress studies on multipurpose forest species.

• Creation of certified germplasm of important forest species and  their planting stock improvement.

• Development of protocols through application of tissue culture techniques  and integration  of  allied fields for mass multiplication of important species of economic value, rare and endangered plants and selected desirable lines/plus trees or clumps/hybrids etc. Assessment and evaluation of phenotypic and genotypic expressions of tissue culture based  planted  materials.

• Development of management plans and strategies on noxious forest invasive species in natural and production forest for implementation by the affected department and agencies.

• Development of novel micropopagation protocol of selected desirable line/plus trees or rare and endangered plant species.

• .Somaclonal studies variation through  In vitro selection for biotic stress (disease resistance, abiotic stress,  salinity, alkalinity, metallic toxicity, cold resistance) etc and  In vitro production of economically important secondary metabolites.

• Development of management plans and strategies on noxious forest invasive species in natural and production forest for implementation by the affected departments and agencies



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              Programme Schedule 

Walk-in-Interview for the post of SRF at FRI,Dehradun(Uploaded on 10-Feb.-2016) 

  Circular for Minutes of The House Allotment committee (HAC) of F.R.I. held on 22.06.2017 for allotment/change of Govt. Quarters to ICFRE/FRI Officials.(Uplaoded on 07.07.2017) 

 Circular from Account Section regarding GST.(Uploaded on 04.07.2017)

  "Order No.-16/796/2014/Establishment-I" from registrar, Establishment-I, FRI Dehradun.(Uploaded on 04.07.2017)

 Instructions regarding Annual Performance Report (APAR) in respect of Scientists in new Format ( uploaded on 27.06.2017)

 GST Related Memo (Uploaded on 27.06.2017)

 Order No. 1-04/2009-Misc. from Registrar Office FRI.(Uploaded on 15.06.2017)  

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 Announcement and Consent form for IVth Convocation 2017 of FRI Deemed University.(Uploaded on 12.06.2017)

 Application for NOC to acquire of Passport-regarding.(Uploaded on 12.06.2017)

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 Circular for Debate Competition on the Topic," Technology Development and Environment" on 29.05.2017 at Convocation Hall,FRI Dehradun.(Uploaded on 26.05.2017)

 Order No.2-5/2006/Gen-EPABX from Registrar Office FRI (Uploaded on 26.05.2017)

 Order No.1/19/2001-Ests-II Forest Research Institute Filling up of posts of LDC through Departmental Examination

 Order No. 35-863/2010-ICFRE from Registrar Office FRI (uploaded on 23.05.17)

 Order No. 11/661/2010/Ests-1 from Registrar Office FRI (uploaded on 23.05.17)

 APAR/AWR in r/o Scientists working in ICFRE for the year  2017-18  - Regarding "Annual Working  Plan." (Uploaded on 22.05.2017)

 Information on Aadhaar Act, 2016 Aadhaar for targeted delivery of Financial & other subsidies, benefits & services-reg. (uploaded on 04.05.2017)

 Circular from registrar office regarding cleanliness. (uploaded on 25.04.2017)    

 Hkkjrh; ou lsok rFkk Hkkjrh; okfudh vuqla/kku ,o af”k{kk ifj’kn] nsgjknwu ds oxZ ,* ,ao *ch* (osSKkfud, rduhfd ,aofefufLVªª;y)  ds vf/kdkfaj;ksa dh vpy laifRr fjVZuA (uploaded on 25.04.2017 

 Review of Scientidts for in-situ up-gradation to the next higher grade under FCS of ICFRE as on 01.07.2017- Regarding.  

 With the approval of Board of Governors provided vide its 54th Meeting held on 20.01.2017at Indira Paryavaran Bhawan,New Delhi, the Director General, ICFRE, is pleased to amend the procedure for Completion of APAR of Deputy Director General,Derector,Secretary,ICFRE and Scientist'G'(uploaded on 27.03.2017)

  Entering qualification of Btech acquired through distiance mode in Service books-regarding.(Uploaded on 23.03.2017)

 Implementation of Technical Services at ICRFRE--reg.(Uploaded on 23.03.2017)

 Transfer order Dr. Vipin Prakash, Scientist-E from FRI (Deemed) University

 Private Forign Visit Performa 

  Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return (AIPR) for the year ending 31.12.2016 (as on 01.01.2017) by Group 'A', 'B' and 'C' officers/officials in the Ministry-reg.

 Forest Research Institute, Dehradun maintains about 750 residential and official buildings spread over about 450 hectares in its campus Uploaded on 23.1.2017) 

 Forest Research Institute, Dehradun campus work of civil/electrical maintenance was entrused to the Division of Engineering & Services, FRI, Dehradun (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)  

 Order for e-champion (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)

 Order for Ensure timely attendance (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)

 on the recommendations of the departmental peer review committee/assisment board (Group 'A' Scientific Posts), the DG, ICFRE to grant in-situ up-gradation to the following Scientist with effect from 01.01.2017 under Flexible Complementing Scheme of the ICFRE until further orders (uploaded on 09-Jan-2017) 

 Circular LDC Post, Extension of deputation, Gazetted Holidays year 2017, Waiting list for allotment of Govt. residence at FRI  (Uploaded on 29.12.2016) 

  Retirement List for the Calendar Year 2017 (Uploaded on 28-Sept-2016)

 Publish new Telephone Directory ICFRE/FRI offices 

  Retirement List for the Calendar Year 2016 (Uploaded on 16-Sept-2015)

  Re-assessment of damage charges in respect of residential accommodation at FRI-Reg.(Uploaded on 17 August 2015)

 New Head of Division of forest Products Division,FRI,Dehradun (uploaded on 22 July 2015) 

 Circular regarding "Performa for approval of deputation abroad" by ADG (Edu. & RB), ICFRE (HQ)  (uploaded on 15-June-2015) 

 Flexible Complementing Scheme of ICFRE - Date of effect of promotions for residency period reg. Circular by ADG(RB),ICFRE (Uploaded on 08-June-2015)

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