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 Extension Division

Mandate :

The Extension Division: During early 1980’s a research unit called ‘Tropical Pine Research Centre’ was established at FRI to conduct coordinated research on various species of Pinus in India. Later, in the year 1988, this centre was converted into ‘Social Forestry Division’. The division was renamed as Extension Division in 1997. The Extension Division of FRI has been created for the dissemination of research output and technologies to different stakeholders in various states. It serves as a link between the scientists of FRI and rural communities. In addition, it undertakes research on Agro-forestry. Currently the Division is headed by a Forest Officer of CCF rank on deputation. Under him there are a total of 32 personnel including 3 Scientists, one DCF, one Public Liaison Officer (PLO), 3 Research Associates (RA-1). Recently 3 officers of DCF level have repatriated. During past five years the division published 3 papers in the national journals, 2 papers in the proceedings of national seminar. During the reporting period the division organized two training programmes on agroforestry and prepared 13 brochures and 20 CDs on various themes pertaining to education and extension. Presently, the Division faces acute shortage of trained staff and extension specialists. Inadequate transport facility is reported to be another constraint. All the VVKs would require adequate man power, Audio-visual equipment and publicity material to make them more effective.  

  •  Dissemination of technologies to different stakeholders.
  •  Research on Agroforestry.
  • Establishment of coordination between Institute and different stakeholders.

The main objectives of extension division are as follows:

1. Documentation of current Agroforestry practices.

2. Research on improvement of existing Agroforestry practices from ecological/ economic view point to:

3. Diversification of Agroforestry practices from ecological and economic view point through:

4. Coordinating training for different divisions of FRI

The division has established a poplar Germplasm bank and a Vegetative Multiplication Garden for the supply of EPTs to farmers. It has also studied agroforestry systems and has developed of suitable agroforestry models in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh based on Poplars.The division undertakes coordinated short term training courses as well as customized courses of different stakeholders since 1988 as a part of extension activity.

The division also runs a Forestry Extension Centre started functioning nearly 2004 for conducting low cost short term training courses on “Rural Development Technologies” and other related subjects.




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Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

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