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 Genetics & Tree Propagation

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Current Ongoing Projects 

Dr. H.S. Ginwal

Scientist F

1. Screening and identification of the lower Asarone (b-Asarone) containing variety/populations of Acorus calamus L. and its multiplication to enhance its economical and medicinal value.

2.Evaluation of Australian seed sources and families of Eucalyptus tereticornis for productivity and genetic improvement. PHASE II

3.Population genetic analysis and characterization of Cedrus deodara germplasm through DNA based markers

Dr. Ashok Kumar Scientist-E 

1.Genetic evaluation and characterization of different clones for higher productivity and hybridization in Dalbergia sissoo

Germplasm collection evaluation and planting of Jatropha and Karanja for improvement

Higher economic returns of rural farmers through adopting clonal forestry in Dalbergia sissoo.

Dr. Santan Barthwal Scientist- D
1.Molecular analysis of high resin yielding genotypes of Pinus roxburghi
Ms. Parveen Scientist- C

1.Establishment of breeding arboretum of Eucalyptus and production of inter specific hybrids.

2.Genetic Improvement of Asparagus racemosus to enhance root production and saponin content.

3.Deployment of promising F1 hybrids of E.citriodora and E.torelliana for establishment of vegetative multiplication garden and their field trials.







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Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

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