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 Forest Entomology Division

Our Vision  

I. Insect Diversity 
  • Exploration, identification, and assessment of forest insect diversity.
  • Systematics of insects of forestry importance viz. Coleoptera, Isoptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, etc.
  • Strengthening, enrichment and digitization of National Forest Insect Collection (NFIC).
  • Conservation of rare and endangered insect species; identification and exploration of indicator insect species sensitive to the forest disturbances and useful in monitoring environmental  changes. 

II. Forest Insect Pest Management 

  • Developing eco-friendly pest management system for important wood and non-wood-forest-products species involving parasites, predators, microbials and botanicals.
  • Exploration of parasitoids, predators, microbials and plant-based pesticides against important pest species.
  • Evaluation of relative natural insect resistance in different clones of important tree species.

III. Insect Ecology, Behaviour and Economics

  • Ecology of wood insect borers in forests, felling sites and timber yards.
  • Monitoring of insect borer population of important tree species like Sal, Shisham, Pines, etc.
  • Exploration of insect pheromones and kairomones for population monitoring and control.
  • Estimation of economic losses to the plantation due insect injuries/  damages.





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Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

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