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On going Projects with title and PI Name :


Title of the projects

Principle Investigator


Extent and evaluation of die back of shisham (Dalbergia sissoo) and identification of disease resistance sources.

Dr. N.S.K.Harsh

Exploration of diversity in Ganoderma lucidum with special emphasis on its medicinal uses.

Dr. N. S. K. Harsh

Biological control of root diseases of some medicinal plants using selected antagonistic fungi.

Dr. N. S. K. Harsh

Management of fungal deterioration of stored medicinal plant produce by the use of botanical fungitoxicants.

Dr. N. S. K. Harsh

Molecular variability in Cylindrocladium quinqueseptatum causing leaf and seedling blight in Eucalyptus.

Dr. Amit Pandey

Molecular variability in Cordyceps sinensis isolates of Uttarakhand.

Dr. Amit Pandey

Screening and hybridizing Indian isolates of Cordyceps sinensis for enhanced production of bioactive principles.

 Dr. Amit Pandey

Identification and evaluation of disease resistance in different genotypes of polar.

Dr. Y. P. Singh
Creation of photo gallery for FRI at Shatabdi Kendra, City Centre/Rangers’ College, Dehradun. Dr. Y. P. Singh

Mortality of Kikar (Acacia nilotica) in Punjab and Haryana and its management

Sri Suresh Chandra

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Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

Please visit new website of FRI i.e. www.fri.res.in

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