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 Botany Division


Systematic Botany Discipline  The discipline long referred to as Botany Branch came into being in 1906. The discipline is composed of World renowned FRI Herbarium, Carpological Museum and Botanical Garden and Arboreta. Over 100 years of the development, fundamental aspects behind the authentic identity and correct name of the species of forest flora of India formed the principal function of the discipline. For understanding the components of biodiversity and forest wealth the correct identity of its units is of utmost significance for the judicious and rational utilization.    Herbarium has repository of  3.3 lakhs authentically identified specimens which include 1300 type specimens maintained and preserved under conventional methods. Oldest specimen of the herbarium dates back to 1807. During the hundred year of history of the institute, herbarium of FRI has served the catered  need of various research organization in India and abroad. Taxonomic database on the significant collections such as valuable type specimens housed in the herbarium has been developed for the digitization. Carpological museum developed as an adjunct to the herbarium is represented by over 500 different types of forest fruits/seeds which are useful in identification of plants without recourse to any other parts. Botanical Gardenas and adjunct to the discipline was established in the year 1934. The development of Arboreta representing various sections of forestry species such as conifers, palms, bamboos etc. started in 1925 were improved for their research, education and extension oriented  activities besides enrichment. The repositories of the garden and the arboretum are the prime source of information not only on the conservation of significant species but also the centre of education and research. Collection of over 200 original paintings of plants done by world famous plant artists, Rai Sahib Thakur Ganga Singh and PN Sharma are delight to the eyes of thousands.  Significant Achievements  :Floristic Surveys and writing of forest flora of un/underexplored regions of the country and outside such as that of Sudan, Nepal-Tibet; New Discoveries, Inventions, records of occurrence  and extent of Distribution of nearly 300 species. Specific groups of Forestry Important Species such as  “Living Indian Gymnosperms Part I (Cycadales, Ginkgoales and Coniferales” and Gymnosperms of Indian Sub-Continent ; the genus Toona (Meliaceae) and the family Meliaceae typical of Indian forest flora; Dipterocarpus and Terminalia occurring in various parts of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh; Forest for Food and Fodder Species of Forestry Origin; Venerated Plants; Plant Biodiversity of Indian Flora with particuklar emphasis on the rare, endemic, relict taxa of ornamental, forestry and other values ; threatened groups of plants such as orchids rare poplars, Rhododendrons and gymnosperms ; rediscovery of Type specimens and fragmentary records of occurrence with the greater attention on the threatened bio-diversity of Indian flora ; Studies on Bamboos through a major break through in identification approach of bamboos without recourse to flowering material, which is rare on account of bamboo being a monocarpic and flower at a fixed interval of period. Iconography on bamboos based on original paintings; Diversity evaluation, phytogeographical entities and strategies for conservation ; Biochemical characterization through isozyme patterns was studied in Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees with a view to applying recent trends to widen the gene base and solving the taxonomic ambiguity. Reports on flowering of several species of bamboos were made; Studies on Rattans; Nomenclature of the incorrect and ambiguous names of more than 6000 species of plants following International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) is considered significant for the correct and judicious utilization of flora Innovations and improvisations during the Centenary year in the Botanical Garden, City campus ( Rangers’ College), Bambusetum and Arboretum: 

            Botanical Garden of FRI in New Forest campus has developed a Green Theatre (Harit Sabha Chhatra), unique to any of the botanical gardens in the world. The significance lies in the vast crown of Eastern Himalayan – cum – northeastern Indian Horse Chest nut (Aesculus assamica) over 60 years of age around which the crown theatre has been developed. The tree  provides shade in summer and sunlight in severe winter with leaf-fallen architectural branching. The tree provides benching for the sitting of nearly 180 students underneath. Here in this green theatre various schools and colleges can attend different field courses of botanical studies.. Besides, the garden has nature trails passing through the variety of flora of over 400 species with exotics from Australia, South America, Africa, Indo-Malaysia, China and Japan etc. Trees are provided with name plates and conveniently interpretative display boards  with pictorial information on rare and spectacular plant species, fruits and seeds etc. The botanical curios of the garden are in the form shackle-shaped vine of climbing Bauhinia, strangulating giant climber of Entada, black and golden bamboos, honey locust tree bearing compound thorns, rudraksha tree, male cone bearing cycad with trunk resembling with that of Dinosaur (both of Jurassic age) etc.


  The institute provides innovations in the botanical haven in the Shatabdi Van Vigyan Kendra (City Centre) of erstwhile Rangers’ College of the organization  by the concerted efforts and integrated approach through research, education and extension aspects. One such effort is in the development of “Sir Brandis Walking Trail” in City Centre environ. The walking trail is honoured in name of the forestry icon and a famous forest botanist, Dr. Brandis who laid foundation of forestry education in India through “Imperial Forestry School” in the year 1875 and the Forestry School Garden in the present City Centre of FRI. The trail provides information on as many as 35 different trees with regards to their common and scientific name, country of origin, plant families and vital features on height and girth of some of the most magnificent species such as that of a teak tree (Height 41.76 m with diameter at breast height 1.52 m), Pterygota alata (Ht. 51.96 m and diameter 1.30 m), Chir tree with 32.76 m height Podocarpus gracilior (Ht. 21.31 m) etc. Incidentally some of such trees occurring in the City Centre Campus are among the oldest trees of the species in the world. Evidentially, there are herbarium specimens of several of them represented in the FRI herbarium which date back to 1891-1899. Students of environment and biology will find to their delight “Great Green Twin Towers” of mighty teak and Pterygota trees of over 100 years age, variety of climbers, male and female trees of Chinese mulberry, “Nature’s Artificial Tree” with double morphology of a climbing fig bearing two types of foliage on a dead wood of a Chir tree, and giant bamboo with growth of its shoot up to 1 meter a day on record. One could learn while walking through Sir Brandis trail about the variety of birds, butterflies, insect fauna and diverse ground flora. For the Doon urbanites the centre provides a great delight of nature.

     FRI’s Bambusetum (Bans Vatika) dates back to the year 1925 when planting of bamboo was the main aim, whereas during the centenary  of FRI in 2006 and since then the Bambusetum has not only been enriched by species but laid with state  – o f-the - art design and inclusion. These are representation of nearly 50 species and varieties. One could wonder to see a climbing variety, yellow and pitcher bamboo and a giant variety growing to a height of nearly 100 ft. One could feel the venture while passing through the “Bamboo Micro tunnel”, “Bamboo Chaupal” surrounded by the clumps of rural bamboo species ,  “Open Bamboo Studio” etc. Species for introduction in urban areas for aesthetics and landscaping and rural use for livelihood are provided. The walking trail in bamboo garden developed during the centenary year provides better emphasis and  attention for research and education on this green gold and renewable resource of the country. The improved lay out with walk ways and other features developed from the point of view of greater attention of public and  the researchers to learn about this green gold .


           Arboretum (Vriksha Vatika) of FRI laid in 1925 which represents species and varieties of nearly 150 species of exotic and native trees grown in clusters for the benefit of nature enthusiasts  students of biology and environment  to study on various aspects of tree morphology, phenology, regeneration and tree architecture.







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  Press Coverage clipings of CFC-2017 Confernece held at FRI Dehradun (uploaded on 11-04-2017)

      02 April 201704 April 2017,  06 April 2017,

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 Press Coverage clipings of CFC-2017 Confernece held at FRI  Dehradun (uploaded on 29-03-2017)

 FRI short term Training Calender 2017 

 Press Coverage clipings of CFC-2017 Confernece held at FRI Dehradun on 08-March,2017.

 Brochures of Conferences on "Agroforestry:An approach to Livelihood Improvement" and Medicinal Plants: Cultivation and marketing (Uploaded on 10-02-2017)

         1. Agroforestry (3-March-2017 at CSFER, Allahabad)

        2. Medicinal Plants (17-March-2017 at FRI, Dehradun)

 The Director, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun requires to engage 01 (One) Allopathic Doctor (General Physician) on Contractual basis at New Forest Hospital, FRI, Dehradun. Applications are invited from the desirous Doctors.(Uploaded on 07.02.2017) 

 Admission Announcement-2017-2019 for M.Sc. Courses at FRI (Deemed) University, Dehra Dun   updated:23-Jan-17 

 List of selected candidates for admission in Ph.D Programme in Forestry-2016  

 Forest Research Institute, Dehradun Independence Day Celebration

 Result of Ph.D. Entrance Test - 2016/List of candidate eligible for Interview Ph.D. Programme - 2016

 Notification for Ph.D./M.Sc. Degrees and Diplomas

 Third Counselling result of M.Sc. courses of FRI (Deemed) University

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 Result of M.Sc. Courses of FRI Deemed University 2016

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Visit of the Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India, New Delhi
A Training cum workshop on essential Oils, Perfumery & Aromatherapy at FRI, Dehradun
1.Ph.D Ordinance (Uploaded on 11-April-2016)
2.Syllabus of Ph.D Entrance Test (Uploaded on 11-April-2016)  
National Workshop to release the 'DPR on Forestry Intervention for Ganga ' on 22nd March 2016 at New Delhi
              Programme Schedule 
 Web URL : www.forganga.in

The Annual Sports Meet-2016,FRI(Deemed University). (Uploaded on 26-Feb.-2016)

Expression of Interest under project "Identification of extent of forest land in forest fringe villages " for Anchor and Socio Economic expert.-Last Date of Receiving Application -15-Feb-2016 (Uploaded on 8-Feb.-2016)

Walk-in-Interview for the post of SRF at FRI,Dehradun(Uploaded on 10-Feb.-2016) 

Application form for Foreign student  (for Admission in M.Sc. Courses at FRI (Deemed) University for 2016 session )

 Circular from registrar office regarding cleanliness. (uploaded on 25.04.2017)    

 Hkkjrh; ou lsok rFkk Hkkjrh; okfudh vuqla/kku ,o af”k{kk ifj’kn] nsgjknwu ds oxZ ,* ,ao *ch* (osSKkfud, rduhfd ,aofefufLVªª;y)  ds vf/kdkfaj;ksa dh vpy laifRr fjVZuA (uploaded on 25.04.2017 

 Review of Scientidts for in-situ up-gradation to the next higher grade under FCS of ICFRE as on 01.07.2017- Regarding.   

 With the approval of Board of Governors provided vide its 54th Meeting held on 20.01.2017at Indira Paryavaran Bhawan,New Delhi, the Director General, ICFRE, is pleased to amend the procedure for Completion of APAR of Deputy Director General,Derector,Secretary,ICFRE and Scientist'G'(uploaded on 27.03.2017)

  Entering qualification of Btech acquired through distiance mode in Service books-regarding.(Uploaded on 23.03.2017)

 Implementation of Technical Services at ICRFRE--reg.(Uploaded on 23.03.2017)

 Transfer order Dr. Vipin Prakash, Scientist-E from FRI (Deemed) University

 Private Forign Visit Performa 

  Submission of Annual Immovable Property Return (AIPR) for the year ending 31.12.2016 (as on 01.01.2017) by Group 'A', 'B' and 'C' officers/officials in the Ministry-reg.

 Forest Research Institute, Dehradun maintains about 750 residential and official buildings spread over about 450 hectares in its campus Uploaded on 23.1.2017)  

 Forest Research Institute, Dehradun campus work of civil/electrical maintenance was entrused to the Division of Engineering & Services, FRI, Dehradun (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)  

 Order for e-champion (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)

 Order for Ensure timely attendance (uploaded on 11-Jan-2017)

 on the recommendations of the departmental peer review committee/assisment board (Group 'A' Scientific Posts), the DG, ICFRE to grant in-situ up-gradation to the following Scientist with effect from 01.01.2017 under Flexible Complementing Scheme of the ICFRE until further orders (uploaded on 09-Jan-2017) 

 Circular LDC Post, Extension of deputation, Gazetted Holidays year 2017, Waiting list for allotment of Govt. residence at FRI  (Uploaded on 29.12.2016) 

  Retirement List for the Calendar Year 2017 (Uploaded on 28-Sept-2016)

 Publish new Telephone Directory ICFRE/FRI offices 

  Retirement List for the Calendar Year 2016 (Uploaded on 16-Sept-2015)

  Re-assessment of damage charges in respect of residential accommodation at FRI-Reg.(Uploaded on 17 August 2015)

 New Head of Division of forest Products Division,FRI,Dehradun (uploaded on 22 July 2015) 

 Circular regarding "Performa for approval of deputation abroad" by ADG (Edu. & RB), ICFRE (HQ)  (uploaded on 15-June-2015) 

 Flexible Complementing Scheme of ICFRE - Date of effect of promotions for residency period reg. Circular by ADG(RB),ICFRE (Uploaded on 08-June-2015)

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