Celebration of Earth Day-2019

In celebration of Earth Day-2019 and this year’s theme “Protect our species” the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun organized a lecture on “Emerging Trends in Protecting a Species”. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Sas Biswas, Scientist (Retd.) working as biodiversity expert and Professor in Dolphin Institute of Bio-Medical & Natural Sciences, Dehradun. The main objective of the celebration was to raise awareness about the extinction of many species and the causes of these consequences of this phenomenon. Dr. Biswas explained about faunal and floral diversity, its status and threat due to various factors including natural and manmade disasters. He quoted that due to climate change, natural regeneration of species has reduced and phenology of existing flora and fauna has been affected by adversely changing habitats. He said that quality of seed production is decreased and healthy seeds are not available for healthy propagation. He mentioned that due to climate change, a drift has been developed in the natural habitat of different species of plants and animals which is a cause of depletion of natural fauna and flora. He also suggested some protective measures with the involvement of community is the key in conservation of biodiversity. He quoted that people participation mode projects may certainly be effective in protection and propagation of species. Sri A.S. Rawat, Director, FRI gave away memento to the invited speaker. Dr. A.K. Pandey, Head Extension Division delivered introductory talk and Dr. Charan Singh, Scientist-E anchored the programme and given vote of thanks. The lecture was attended by Scientists, officers, research staff, research scholars and students of the institute. The other members of team of Extension Division including Dr. Devendra Kumar, Scientist-D, Dr. Rambir Singh Scientist-D, Sh. Ajay Gulati, Sr. Technical officer and staff contributed a lot to make the programme successful.

April 24, 2019
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